Thursday, April 8, 2010

Beyond Bummed

Last year Josh attended College For Kids at the Tarrant County Community College. He LOVED it and had a blast. He was SO looking forward to going again this year.

I received the course catalog and registration paperwork in the mail a couple of weeks ago and it said once your forms were submitted (application) you could register anytime after April 6. Therefore, on April 6 I was online trying to register. Nothing worked.

Frustrated, I ultimately e-mailed my only contact up there and was informed that on-line registration began on April 7 -- didn't say that anywhere in the paperwork.

Unfortunately, yesterday was a bit of a blur to me as I was a little sleep deprived and so I thought... we didn't register last year until the end of May and he was still able to get into all the classes he wanted except for one so I'll just register him tomorrow (meaning... TODAY)...


How in the hell does every single class for the 5th and 6th grade levels fill up in one day this far in advance? He is BEYOND bummed... I'm beyond irritated. Especially because the director of the program let me know last year that no worries, it was early and we'd get him in... and they did. Why is it such a hard and fast "no" this year? I was told to keep checking because people do drop classes and such for summer vacations. So, now it's up to me to check daily to see if there's a chance he can get in even ONE class? I'm sorry, it's not worth the drive for ONE class...??

Now what the heck am I going to do for the month of July for my kiddo that was looking forward to this summer experience? WHAT TO DO?

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Frugal Vicki said...

awww, what a bummer. It sucks so bad when they are looking forward to something so much...especially something educational!
I am sorry!
I hope you and that baby are doing well!