Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The chaos of boys...

Honestly, it could just be the chaos of having more than one child. Ha ha ha! Today Drew had a t-ball game and had to be there at 5:30 pm and Joshua had a football scrimmage that started at 5:45 pm. What a nightmare! Why? Because

a) Joshua forgot his water bottle so we pulled over at a CVS not realizing that the intersection we had to turn back out onto -- NO ONE WOULD LET ME IN!!! Seriously we sat there for about 5 light cycles or about 10 minutes. It was beyond aggravating. Are people really in so much of a hurry they can't just extend a common courtesy to let a fellow driver out? It just really makes me lose faith in just the kindness of strangers or just doing something nice for someone -- JUST BECAUSE.

b) I just had a baby 10 days ago and my bladder isn't 100% yet. There was NO BATHROOM THERE! That was ... painful.

c) Benjamin was in the car seat atop the stroller but there was no way to get IN the area where the scrimmage was with the stroller. This means that I had to stand the entire time on the outside of the fence... and I was tired... and my back hurt from picking up the stroller (it's heavy and I'm not supposed to list over 10 pounds yet)...

d) Because I was so far away, I couldn't really tell what was going on on the field... it was annoying!

And, since I had to leave early for that... and no one else was home, dinner plans went out the window and so we stopped by Chick Fil A at about 8pm and grabbed dinner. Healthy? No, but it was food. Benjamin filled his diaper (and his stomach) in the car about 7:30 pm so at least he was taken care of. Wish it were that easy for us big folks!

But, I just finished eating... Josh just fed the dogs... we watched American Idol (loved Casey, not so much Sibonne (or whatever her name is) and although Katie (I think is her name) isn't my favorite, I really liked her performance tonight... Big Mike's performance bored me... I loved Mama Sox's performance too! She's just freakin' awesome! I won't waste my time voting for people because i don't care that much but it was still fun to watch.

Seeing that I seriously don't watch any television.. having a baby and having to nurse 2-3 times a night... I'm now starting to record and watch more. Not because I like or even enjoy television for that matter, but I need to do something that's going to a) give me light and b) keep my attention long enough to wake me up! That being said, I love Guy from The Food Network and I really like that show called Unwrapped. Who doesn't like to see where your favorite nibbles comes from? It's neat! I don't record much anymore... need some neat shows to record that won't interfere with my cooking shows (Rachel Ray, Paula Deen and Guy's Big Bite)... Glee, American Idol, Unwrapped and How Its Made. We have all the movie channels but frankly, there aren't any good movies ON the movie channels it seems. Waah!

I do like how having a little one really DOES make you slow down and take each moment one at a time, you know? You are forced to sit still when you nurse... sometimes I read a magazine article, sometimes I simply stroke his hair and touch his perfect, pink skin and sometimes I watch a show (while I try not to doze off).

One thing that I am just EATING UP is the fact that--as with my other two boys-- we co-sleep. I love having my babies right there next to me. Josh was IN my bed for like... several months because when he was born he had a soft trachea and required being elevated to sleep... I wasn't going to strap him into a car seat to sleep elevated so I put him on an OLD flat pillow with my arm beneath him and he was there with me, beside me, every time he needed to go down. Was it a chore? Sometimes, yes it was but honestly, I knew it wouldn't last forever and I just ate it up. Drew, he was in a co-sleeper next to the bed. Benjamin... same deal. I love having my babies near me... hearing them coo, gurgle and when I lay Ben down next to me... if he's too far away, he will SCOOTCH and SCOOTCH and move until he is RIGHT NEXT TO ME! Tell me this kid doesn't know where his mama is? I love that he wants to be near me instinctively as much as I desire to be near him for peace of mind. With that... I think I want to get him and rock in the chair before retiring for the evening.... we've got another busy day ahead of us tomorrow.

Night all!


Keli said...

Awww. My youngest and I co - slept too. (We still do, sometimes) I loved it also. It's the best!

chksngr said...

NB and I are past the middle of the night feedings. He eats around 8:30 and doesn't wake me up again until 4:30 or 5...LOVE that...sadly, the 3 year old is not so kind...but I digress...I used to read. I have a really cool light next to the rocker in his nursery and he would eat and I would read a book. I killed more than 6 books in the 8 weeks I was home. Sadly, I've only finished one since I went back to work! :-)