Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Constant need for organization

I'm in a constant search for the life organizing solution that will work for me. There are all kinds of ways out there to start to get your life in order... books, magazines, stores, binders, journals, Yahoo groups, blogs, file systems. Literally, you name it -- there is something out there for everyone! You just have to find the method that will work for you. Kind of like that whole "to find your prince, you gotta kiss a lot of toads" kind of scenario. Well, lets just say, I'm tired of puckerin up for the little suckers. I want a life organizer!

I tried It's got a lot of great elements but I can not stay true to that system as my life is TOO fluid with three boys going three different directions, a cub scout pack to run, a cub scout den to run, scrapbooking to do...etc. I think it's good--in theory-- but for someone like me, I'm too Type-A for that system.

I figured one thing I need to do is get the "important stuff" in order. Seemingly, when you bring a new life into the world, you start thinking about all the "what if's" and realize that you need order in your life. I remember seeing a system at The Container Store and I've thought about buying it several times when I was there (if I even ventured to that portion of the store). I have yet to do that, however.

I like the idea of a family "Control Journal" and actually joined a few Yahoo Groups from time to time who had the goal of helping its members create one. Some were extremely intense and some were just... well, dumb. I saved several e-mails for a few of those groups. But, again, it just wasn't something that suited me.

The key component here is still that I know I need something and so my journey is continuing to find the system that is easy for me to maintain and gives me a feeling of "a place for everything and everything in its place." I'm talking information AND stuff.

So, I go visit one of my favorite blogs: 3 Boys and a Dog and see that she has a review of a product by an organizational/productive living-type website called Get Buttoned Up which is the NEATEST SITE! Especially for over-achieving-compulsive-organizers like me! It's got lots of tips (I LOVE TIPS! -- I actually SAVE the tips sections from the magazines I get and put them in a file and go through them every now and then to find another good trick to helping me stay more organized and such. Yes, I'm THAT weird!) and LOTS of products to get your life ... well, "Buttoned Up." So, go check out her review and then if you don't then want to go visit Get Buttoned Up, I think you may need to have your head examined! Ha! (just kidding!)

Oh, and did I mention that she's ALSO got a GIVEAWAY of one of their organization kits going on right now? Oh.Yes.She.Does. Go check it out! Seriously. If I don't win, I definitely think it's worth the small investment and who knows, it could just be the solution I need to get my life organized!

Crossing fingers.


MaryC said...

Hey girl! thanks for turning me on to this site. As a fellow organizing junkie, I can appreciate the TIPS as well.

JoeyRes said...

I remember feeling like I wanted the important stuff in order when my daughter was born. Now she's five and that feeling is a distant memory. I'm too busy playing Barbie dolls!