Friday, April 2, 2010

My car is GONE!

Well, my car, my GMC Envoy XL is gone. Andy signed the title over to the Chrysler dealership today. We take ownership of our new Town & Country on Monday. The paperwork has been finalized but the vehicle was coming in from Arkansas and won't be here until tomorrow (which we will be too busy). So, we have a loaner van right now.

My mother in law came over to pick the boys up and take them to her house tonight for dinner. I waited at the house with Benjamin for Andy... once he got home, we loaded up and headed over there too.

We enjoyed a salad, garlic bread and lasagna dinner... along with chocolate chip cookies (YUM).

But the fun was...when it was time to go home, the boys realized that we were getting to go in the NEW CAR. It was amazing for them. You'd have thought we were at Disney World. They were ready to see all the gizmos and such but since it wasn't "our" car (top of the line with all the bells/whistles) they were just going to have to wait.

I'm excited at the prospect of new wheels, easy access to that third row and comfort for everyone in the car. I'm NOT excited at the idea of having to have a user's manual that is like ... 1,384,295 pages long.

However, what else do I have to do at 2am other than read a user's manual? Ha ha ha!


MaryC said...

Congrats again. Some of the new cars come with a DVD that tells you all the important stuff, like how to run the AC and use the nav and such. Maybe you'll get one too. I am an audio learner so I appreciate the DVD.

chksngr said...

Cool!! I'm testing out a Sienna this weekend while my friends are here from CA...I LOVE this stupid I want a car payment after having NONE for a year1?!?!?!/ hmmmmmm....