Thursday, April 1, 2010

Soaking it all in...

As most of you know, my plans for last weekend were abruptly interrupted because our little man decided to make an early arrival. I've had several that wanted the "birth story" since that's a little nugget whose details, like everything else, slowly fades into oblivion with each passing day. As such, this is my weak attempt to let you know how my weekend went.


Friday, I awoke as with any other day. I wasn't doing anything "special" other than planning on FINISHING the few meals that I hadn't for my OAMC session... basically some extras that I just decided I needed since I bought the accompaniments for them but not the meat. I got dressed in my favorite black stretchy capris, tennis shoes (which I still struggled to tie), black t-shirt and threw my hair in a black Texas Tech cap. I was comfortable.

I made breakfast for the boys and sat down to go over Drew's reading list with him (he has reading class on Fridays). Just your typical Friday. I dropped Drew off, had my short list and headed to Kroger with Joshua.

I was having slight contractions the night before and a few that morning but nothing that really gave me any "pause" to even contemplate the potential for an impending delivery. Josh got a cart to push and we made our way through the produce section.

We were beginning to walk up another aisle and I had to cough. If you've ever carried a small bowling ball on your bladder, you understand the propensity for what tends to happen when you do this in the event of a cough or a sneeze (or "peeze" as it's commonly referred to on the maternity message boards). Yes, that happened to me as well. I headed straight to the restroom to empty my bladder. Finished business, up with the britches, opened the stall door and felt a bit of a gush.

Now, feeling this causes a woman in my specific condition to contemplate several things such as a) seriously, did I not wipe enough; b) dude, I can't believe I just wet my freakin' pants; c) was that my water?; d) I WAS done, wasn't I? Then I start thinking to myself... they say amniotic fluid smells sweet. And then I start thinking to myself, HELL NO, I'm not smelling that?! EWW! Sorry, I've got my limits.

I, of course, took the idea of that perhaps it WAS my water but... who cares, I'm in the middle of grocery shopping. This is not on my agenda! I simply made the mental note that I'll call the doctor after I'm done shopping. Never did it occur to me -- HEY... if that WAS your water and this is your THIRD child, there may be something happening a little sooner than with your other two. Never did this cross my mind. Denial, in its purest form.

I'd even JOKED about the fact that I didn't want to be walking through the grocery store and have my water break. I didn't want to go through that. My friend said, "just grab a jar of pickles and if your water breaks, drop the jar." Bam! Problem solved. You know, in the moment of going through this... knowing that WAS my water, I never even thought to get a freakin pickle jar. DUH!

I leave the bathroom and tell Josh, lets just get finished and get the heck out of here. He asks why and I just reply, I think this little guy is wanting to come sooner than expected. I said nothing further on the matter and just left it to Josh to help me "git 'er dun!"

We got home and unloaded the car. I called Andy to give him a status update and tell him I'm calling the doctor. I try to call my mother in law but she's not answering. I try my dad to see if he's around at all... he starts to head my way. I call my mom and she, too, heads my way. Mom gets there in time for me to pick up Drew. I stopped off and got Drew a Whataburger for lunch. Mom's job was basically going to be to take Drew and tend to him. Dad was going to be there to take Josh to/from sculpture class and to/from football practice that evening and then to stay at the house with Josh so that he had a ride (and some support) at his first football game on Saturday morning. I would not have him missing his obligations on my account.

I continue to hang out at the house and even consider making the lasagnas (assembly is all that's left, the sauce and such are all cooked), perhaps tackle the tetrazzini and/or the succulent chicken tetrazzinis that I hadn't finished making the other day. Then I realized, you know, perhaps I SHOULD pack a bag for the hospital **just in case**. Yeah, I had NOTHIN prepared it seems. Can you say STUPID?

Mom leaves with Drew for her house. Dad arrives for Josh. All the while I'm monitoring my contractions on a teal Post-It Note (or having Josh check the times and write them down). They're coming regularly at about 10 minutes apart. It's not paintful and quite tolerable. However, it was when they started coming every 5-6 minutes that I called Andy and was like, "head home" as this isn't as much fun anymore.

He gets home in time for me to basically say... LET'S GO!


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Amooretto said...

I remember when my water broke with the first...those same questions came to mind! LOL

You are so how you "had" to get all done before leaving for the hospital. So what I would do...oh wait...did that! LOL