Thursday, April 22, 2010


Since a recent rainstorm fried the DVR box in the bedroom, I've been without any kind of television programming whatsoever for a few days. It will be several more before it's returned. Why? We're finally switching to Verizon FIOS (fiber optics). It's supposedly wonderful. We shall see.

However, having no TV, no recorded shows to watch... no Glee, no Ghost Hunters, no Guy's Big Bite, no American Idol, no Ellen DeGeneres Show, no Rachael Ray, no Paula Deen, no nothing! Let me tell you, it makes for a looooooong night when you're getting up at 11, 1:30, 3:30 and 6:30 am for feedings! Ugh!

However, Andy DID save the day by making sure that the DVD player still worked. So, instead of getting sucked into movies which are generally well over an hour long, I started watching Seinfeld. The shows are short enough for a feeding and I can see beginning, middle and end without guilt (or being even more sleep deprived.)

As such, I've been reverted back to my "-isms" day. You know the "-isms"... the little phrases that they've coined that you use, too, because they are just so appropriate. You know they're phrases virtually coined by Seinfeld and now they're "Seinfeld-isms" that we all know and love (and I still use.)

High talker
Low talker
Man hands
Soup Nazi
... you know, the Seinfeld-isms that they're so famously known for! And, I LOVE them! LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I truly miss "good tv" like Seinfeld. It was just brilliant! Thursday was a great night for TV then. Now, I rarely watch it unless I have an infant attached to me. :)

However, I do lurve me some Glee! :) Why in the world a woman in her late 30s loves a musical about kids in high school is BEYOND me. I wish, however, that if KIDS are watching this show (and it really is too risque to me for kids) they're learning the risks about having sex at a young age. Wow, I don't remember all the promiscuity in my high school. I'm sure it was there but I guess since I wasn't a party to that action, it seems like it's just "the thing" to do now. How sad that kids just can't be kids anymore. Why do we expect them to grow up so fast? LET THEM BE LITTLE! Seriously, they have their whole lives to be grown ups... let them enjoy being a kid!


MaryC said...

I am in my 50's and I LOVE Glee! Seriously mad because I dvr it and it's after American Idol. If they go over, my dvr doesn't extend the recording so last episode, I missed the end. Blah!

Keli said...

AMEN! I try so hard to let my boys be little (that's another great country song by the way) but it's HARD in todays world. :(
I never realized there was so much sex going on in high school either, now it really scares me becuase both my sisters are there!