Monday, June 7, 2010

Camp Wannalaffalotta - Week One - SUMMERTIME!

I claim no ownership to the title and actually stole it from another blog (Life As A Mom) but it's fun and frankly, it's a great title!

Week one. Our theme is SUMMERTIME! We have a busier schedule than "normal" this week because of an overnighter, two birthday parties and an end of season party so here is what is on the agenda.

  • Library Day
  • slip n slide (it's supposed to be over the century mark with the heat index)
  • Reading camp 1p-4p
  • Overnighter to Mimi's
  • Birthday party at Summit Climbing Gym 2-5pm
  • Make Rainbow Pudding Pops
  • View the fireworks over Lake Grapevine (freebie event!)

  • 10am - Build and Grow workshop at Lowes (we may go pick up the kit and make it at home)
  • 11-1:30 - birthday party for a friend
  • Watch Surf's Up
  • Eat watermelon
  • Celebrate Drew Day - each month on the specific DAY of each childs birthday we will celebrate them. That way they get something special to look forward to each month.

Sprinkled throughout the week we will also do some thematic worksheets (like the ones at I can't wait!

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Frugal Vicki said...

I love the celebrate Drew Day idea, I may have to try it! You are keeping busy!