Saturday, June 5, 2010

I felt old last night

I went into my closet to get my vitamins before heading to bed. Curious about what was so important with those vitamins, I chose to peruse the label only I couldn't see it. Huh? Wasn't it right there? Yes, it was. It was right.stinking.there!

I pulled it in close to my eyes thinking that perhaps my eyes were dry and therefore making everything rather "fuzzy" or "foggy" but that made it worse. I covered one eye and tried to read. No good.

I covered the other. Still the same.

Perhaps it was the stupid font. Maybe it wasn't "reader friendly." (Yeah, that WAS a stupid thought, but it was a REAL thought.)

But then, I read it.

How was I able to finally manage to read it?

I had to... take it in my hand... hold it where I would generally read something and then start to slowly pull it away from my face until it was a good two feet (maybe more, maybe less) from my face and then, and only then, did it come into focus.

Man. That made me feel old. Ugh!


brandt! said...

hahhaahaa!! Welcome to presbyopia!! Don't you hate it when you realize you're in need of READING glasses!!
I'm cringing right with you ... I'm getting ready to buy my first pair of progressive lenses!! (good thing I am an optician! haha.. sucks getting old!)

MaryC said...

Reading glasses, my friend, do not make you old. Going without them when you need them is what makes you old.