Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday Woes

Do you ever just look at the new briefs... you know the ones that are one sentence shockers that make you want to read today's top stories. It's so sad sometimes. Seriously, I just wonder what in the hell is wrong with people! Their thinking is so beyond skewed. Results of this screwed up way of thinking are typically tragic. It's just quite sad.

For instance... just a quick perusal of today's highlights:
  • 2nd deadly gas explosion kills 2 (Yes, it's not the first one, it's the 2nd one in 2 days. Seriously, are our gas lines that bad or are the people operating drills on them trained? I wouldn't want to drill for ANYTHING b/c I'd be the one who brings on a volcano or something crazy by punching a hole all the way through to the other side of the world!)
  • Suspect twisted guard's testicles (yes, this woman was shoplifting at Home Depot. When the security guard stopped her she pushed him with both hands...they scuffled... a guy got out of a car (the getaway driver) and got in on the action...she twisted his manhood and pulled a pocketknife... so instead of shoplifting.. now she's facing agg. robbery... he cuffed her... she's in jail. Idiots! They need to just be taken out of the gene pool so they don't breed!)
  • Houston pastor arrested for wife's death (Oh, and get this... his KIDS were arrested on the whole deal with him too. His home church also conveniently burned down 6 days after her death. Hmmmm... they're saying it's a suspicious fire, too.)
  • Fort Worth principal arrested after intoxication arrest (The sorry wench left her THREE AND FOUR year old CHILDREN ALONE IN A DALLAS HOTEL while she was out partying. Got in a fight with the bouncer at the door for not letting her into a club.
  • Pregnant MD woman tasered during attack (I didn't read the entire thing through but apparently she came home to find someone in her home. When she realized it was her dad's girlfriend, they scuffled and the woman tasered her THREE TIMES! She's NINE MONTHS PREGNANT! What the frick man... perp is a former federal employee. Mom went into labor...

And these are just TODAY.... stuff like this is EVERY DAY. I want some good news... I want some happy news.

  • I'm tired of hearing about our idiot president....yes, because of freedom of speech I can say that I despise this man with every ounce of my being. He's WRECKING our country. Did you read that by 2015 our company's DEBT will exceed our annual GNP. Yeah, tell me how in the world we got there?
  • I'm so saddened by the thought of all the animals and birds being affected by the oil spill. Why in the world it hasn't been eradicated by now is beyond me. Nuke it. Melt the rock and let it seal. ANYTHING would be better than what they're doing which is along the same lines as putting a bandaid on a leak in the Hoover Dam.
  • I think of how sad it is that we elect people to our political offices and then they become so jaded by the lure of lobbyists they forget who their employers are. Why they pass laws for everyone else and not include themselves in it. If it's good enough for ME, it better darn well be good enough for YOU.
  • I'm sad to think of all the people in old folk's homes that have families that are so busy with their own lives, they forget about them. Who wouldn't want to have a visitor?
  • What about the fact that criminals and illegals have more rights that we regular citizens do...

When you think about it... there's SO MUCH that you can just feel overwhelmingly sad for. But... I have faith in the people... in the little people that make this country good. I know that there will be judgment for all -- too bad it's not sooner rather than later!

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Rick works (when he's employed) as a Loss Prevention Detective. He's had a knife and a gun pulled on him. The things people will do to try to get away.