Saturday, June 5, 2010

Love Notes

Andy was talking about some guy in the news that was married forever and a day and even though his wife had passed on long ago, he still would write her a love note on their anniversary.

I get love notes too. Aren't you jealous?

Well. Okay. I'll fess up, they're not your typical love note. Mine are left from a little boy who was going to spend the night at his Mimi's and he left a note out for me... and one for his brother Josh.

Drew's Note">

To put this in English for the non-preschooler-writing-readers out there, it reads, "If you get board [sic] you can come in my room and play."

Once upon a time, Josh left a note that gave Drew an open invitation to play in his room in his absence. That must have really struck a chord with Drew for him to leave a note for Josh and I when he was leaving.

So sweet... little love notes from my little man.

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