Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Signing up to be demeaned

I dont know anyone that hasnt seen previews for Hell's Kitchen. I'm sitting down to nurse Ben, can't find the remote so that is on right now. They curse too much first and foremost. However the thing that just freaks me the most... they're signing up to be demeaned and screamed at. I just don't think that what kind of abuse they're taking is any worse that those women that sleep their way to the's still abuse of some sort. They're just choosing to do it in a more exposed forum... man. I wouldn't want something so much to have someone treat me like that. I'd bop that jerk in the head with a frying pan and tell him to shut the #(*) up too!

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Keli said...

:) totally agree with you! can't stand that show!

(love the new blog desgin!)