Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's 11:30 a.m. - what's on your mind?

A few random things on my mind right this minute.
  1. This is the day every summer that I dread. Josh is leaving for Iowa for his summer visit. It does get easier with time (read that as I'm not a blubbering idiot like I was the first summer) but I still do not look forward to such a quiet home.
  2. I hate that I have like 4 shirts to wear while I'm nursing. My "girls" are like a size F when I'm nursing and they don't make shirts that come far enough down length wise for me to want to wear any "normal" clothes but I only have a few nursing shirts. It's annoying. I'm not one of those women that drops all the weight right after birth and at the commencement of nursing... which leads me to ...
  3. I hate that I need to buy "in between" clothes. I refuse to wear maternity clothes any longer (pants) because like I said in #2 above... I don't just drop all the weight immediately after having a baby. Does it suck? Yeah, but I refuse to not be comfortable. You can't wear maternity shorts b/c they typically have a different color belly portion which means if you wear a regular shirt, it won't come down far enough to cover it. Annoying!
  4. Ben is smiling in his swing and his eyes roll up to the back of is head. I love how he just peeks his toes out of the bottom of the blanket that covers him while he swings... for what seems like eternity... long.
  5. I have a growing pile of CRAP in my formal dining room. I want to have a garage sale but dude, I'm not doing it in this heat! Wondering if it's worth the write-off to just donate it to a place instead of messing with a sale OR if I can stand to wait until the fall garage sale time and have that and then donate what isn't left. I'd seriously love to offload it for a little bit of a profit! Even if it's only a couple hundred bucks.
  6. I need to go to the store and the post office. Why I loathe the post office is beyond me. I guess I just feel like I'm just waiting for someone to GO postal while standing in line while they chit chat for minutes on end after the transactions are over. I understand being friendly but MOVE IT SISTER!
  7. What in the world are we going to do for dinner tonight? Hmm... should have made a plan this week but alas, I did not.
  8. Drew has a birthday coming up... hmmm... need to start thinking of that.

  9. I'm almost finished with my summer "planning" calendar. I can't wait to share it with ya'll. :)

  10. It's going to be so Africa hot outside.... I seriously hate the summer. Loathe them. It's supposed to be heat index over a hundred the rest of the week and into the weekend. Blech! Where's fall? I want chilly days.... even days where you can wear shorts and a long sleeved shirt or sweat shirt and be quite comfy. Love those days! Miss them. Greatly. Whine!

  11. Why is it when women want to lose weight, they think of getting a hair cut? Like, the hair cut is a more immediate way to get some sort of satisfaction. Anytime I want to lose weight, I do this. It never works. I can't seem to find a hair style that I like and that looks good on me. I have a LOT of hair but it's VERY thin strands. I only really have body in my hair when it's short. Long hair is so much easier, however, because you can just pull it back and up when it's hot like this. However, when that's ALL you do to your hair, IS that even a style? It's more of a rut. Sad huh? I also hate the feeling of hair in my face. I don't like using tons of product. I wish I had some natural wave to my hair... it's board straight. I gotta find something to do with it, however. I haven't had a haircut since I was a couple of weeks pregnant with Ben. Yeah, that's pushing a year now, folks. Sad, huh?

  12. What can I use to put on the bird house to keep the stupid squirrel out of it? Want proof I know it's him? I got it! Trust me, I got the goods on this little varmint!


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

In our house we say it's hot as Agrabah (as in the place where Disney's Aladdin lives). I tend to wilt in the heat and my face is breaking out like a teenager!

Hope you find ways to stay cool, get rid of your crap and get stamps without anyone going postal on you!

Keli said...

awww the squirrel pictures are so cute! LOL I know they aren't to YOU!
I hated that I needed inbetween clothes too. I ended up wearing hubby's sweatpants most of the time. I was lucky that it was winter time and I wasn't out much. When we did go out, let's just say it took me a loooong time to get ready. :)
I have just finally after all my years ;) found a haircut I LOVE. My mother had been pushing me to get it cut this way and I finally gave in and did it and I love it!
Good Luck with Josh's visit, I'll be thinking of you guys and praying all is well for him in Iowa!!

brandt! said...

ohhh .. I so get the F size.. i was a 40I .. yup... abcdefghI ..(from 36c)never knew it existed!
Just drop your goods off and let the energy flow in your house ... too much stress and work to get it done .. it's summer, take a break!
Be still about winter ...! Love summer!!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Mom has one of those spinning ones that when they jump on it, it spins them right off .. hehe it's actually quit comical :)

Oh girl baby weight we don't even want to go there it's bad news bears around here.

I so don't envy the heat, but I really wish the rain would stop here I think I maybe floating to you soon.

I'd be a blubber idiot each year :(