Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins

It's finally Friday folks (I love alliteration!) and you know what that means... The Friday memes. Here's the one I'm linked up to at Friday Fill Ins we go!

1. Finishing items on your To-Do list feels great.

2. The solution is found in the Bible.

3. I wish Ben would fall asleep regularly (at a decent hour) instead of dozing off only to then jump which then entails him freaking himself which leads to wailing accompanied by flailing arms and kicking feet. Breaks my heart (and my REM sleep.)

4. How about we just have a glass of iced sweet tea, sit on the porch swing, enjoy the sunshine and spend some time just "being" instead of "doing"?

5. Staying on property at Disney World when you vacation there is something I highly recommend! The perks such as early/late entry into parks, park transportation, monorails, not dealing with trams and parking lots and the adding on of a dining plan (many times at no extra cost) is just something you can't beat!

6. Imagine what the world would be like if politicians or those detained by police in any way had to tell the truth or be struck by lightning immediately upon telling a lie.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to taking middle man to ASI gymnastics to bounce with his friend, Evan, tomorrow my plans include taking Drew to a workshop at Lowes and then to a birthday swimming party for his friend, Sam, and Sunday, I want to enjoy my "Celebrate Drew" day. What IS a "Celebrate Drew Day?" Every month on the actual DATE of my kid's birth, we celebrate that they get special attention every month and not just once a year. It may be a one-on-one date with mom or dad or getting to have an extra special dessert or picking out what we eat for lunch or dinner that day.


Pooch said...

RE #1: Items on my to-do list tend to slide from day to day to day...


Amooretto said...

I LOVE #7! I tried something almost like that last year and's hard to schedule what "I" tried to do. I may have to snag this for my kids starting after the girls bdays next month! ;)

I love the 'being' and not 'doing'. I'm in that kind of mood today...but laundry is winning! :/

brandt! said...

I love your celebrate day every month ... wish I had heard of it much earlier in life! Now they are at the stage of "can so-so come with us?" or I'm no longer cool to be with! ... haha! I will one day again.. especially when they realize who holds the money ... hahaha!

Kristen T. said...

I agree with you about Disney!

Tamara said...

I remember, as a kid, wishing we'd stayed on location, cos those kids got a better deal than us! and I love your celebration day idea. I just love a celebration!

Billy Rhythm said...

Pics of me and the Mrs. in a "then and now," huh? Sounds like a good idea!