Friday, September 5, 2008

A busy day...

Drew didn't have school today but that didn't stop him from waking up early. I wonder why kids don't understand what a PRIVILEGE it is to be able to sleep in... I know I'd sure love to be able to exercise that option without it being due to illness.

We kinda hung around the casa today until Sarah showed up and then we jaunted over to Central Market to let Drew and Noah play. That was fun. Well, until walking to a table while carrying two drinks, squinting from the sun glaring right down on my face (sunglasses were working as a headband and my hands were full anyway) and I stepped with one foot on a fork -- not the plastic kind that were out there for everyoen to use, no this was an absolutely disgusting metal fork on the ground.... stepped on that with my right foot and then proceeded to stab myself in the left toe with the next step. That was nice and bloody... I shudder to think of the germs having a party in my toe... yes, I was wearing my infamous Reef flip flops. I love those shoes and should I die tomorrow, would want to be buried in them -- even though everyone knows I won't be buried but... I can say that. :)

I have started a new mantra at my house --- I'm a mom, NOT your maid. I've begun making the boys pick up EVERYTHING...and I do mean EVERYTHING they are leaving strewn around. Drew has learned that first thing tomorrow morning he shall journey to the playroom and completely clean it up. Yes, his mother is the devil on PMS. :) ha ha ha... isn't it sad I'm finding any sort of joy in teaching them responsibility? I think it's because I know that I'm not having to do it and that brings me joy.

So this is my last weekend of freedom.... Next week will be my sugar detox.... and I start my walking and exercise program. I'm quite excited about it... I'm shooting for 130 pounds... I'd LOVE to weigh 125 but seriously, I'm not going to hold my breath on that one. With the chronic foot problems since having 3 stress fractures, I've surrendered the fantasy of being able to take up jogging like I once did. I've got my Zune charged up... I need to get a battery for my pedometer and I'm going to start my power walking on Monday. I was thinking of doing it with a friend but honestly, I think I'll be able to stay committed with my music...and keeping myself to my time frame.

I talked to Andy about it and he has two good friends he's knows for about 20 years that are doing a Boot Camp right across the street from Josh's school... and if I wouldn't be afraid of completely embarrassing him... I would do it but... right now I think I'll stick with my 3 things I'm planning on doing. A) walking B) pilates and C) a new set of DVDs that use the exercise bands that have handles...and I'm goign to work the exercise ball into it as well. :) Who needs a gym membership! Once I get back into a routine, if I feel like I need to kick it up a notch, I may consider Lifetime Fitness in Colleyville again (it's a little pricey, however, $60 a month)... BUT 24 Hour Fitness is building a new Sport facility in Keller on the other side of 377 so that would be an option too. The one in Southlake would be okay... I'm thinking of doing something related to swimming since that's such good exercise, but honest to God I don't know how to "properly" swim. I have no idea how to breathe properly or take proper strokes. BUT I know it's fantastic exercise and since it's no impact -- that makes it even better for me (save the foot!) I'm terrified of the pain I had in my right foot. we do lunch and come home to a quiet house... I put my little man down for a nap and enjoy the last few sips of my boysenberry and passionfruit tea (it's like CRACK it's so deliciously addictive -- another perk of lunching at Central Market). I get a call and the electronics guy is enroute to fix the wiring that DirecTV screwed up when they installed the new boxes for the tv (none of the surround sound/cd changer/etc would work). It's a $45 trip fee and then I was told they charged $100 an hour but they didn't think it'd take that long. So he gets here... literally here in the door at 2:05... finished about 2:17... the guy will NOT shut up. He's very nice but I think he must be in some death metal rock band with all the tats and funky beard -- but again, he's VERY VERY nice... but he's got this LOUD ASS VOICE and I'm like.. SHHHHHHH MY KID IS ASLEEP. You wake him up and I'm charging YOU $100 an hour to put him back down! I get the bill... I'm charged for a FULL HOUR's worth of work. I wasn't told that it was a one hour minimum PLUS a trip fee. That is really just kind of crappy in my opinion... he needed no supplies... no brain really... it was just a matter of moving some cords around and various inputs/outputs -- April don't speak electronic circuitry and wiring... I pay it because I'm not going to him-haw with the pions... but I did immediately put in a call and an e-mail for the yuppity yucks to justify that. Heck, I should have had him go to the back yard and pick up dog poop or something for the other 30 minutes he should have been here... I PAID FOR IT... Or, should have had him go through and set up all my favorite channels on the box... ANYTHING to feel like I at least got my money's worth... what a rip! $145 for that... Grrr...

So he leaves, Josh gets home from school. He rides his bike now and loves it. I think he's really enjoying his being trusted and being "grown up" enough and responsible enough to ride. I think next week I shall follow them in my car JUST TO SEE how they're doing.... :) Curious moms want to know.

We leave and I take Josh to his Mimi's house as she is taking him to baseball practice and I take Drew to Emler for his swim lessons with his new instructor. It's totally different than he is used to. They actually swim in lanes like the big dogs! Instead of just sitting on the little foam turtles, they hold onto them as a floatation device and hold it before them and kick with flippers on. It was a hoot as this child has ZERO leg control - he's all over the place. But, hey, everyone has to start somewhere. I did e-mail to see if we can make up the date that he missed.

So come home and start dinner... we eat -- made a new recipe... salisbury steak but instead of bread crumbs or pieces of stale bread, it was made with stovetop stuffing mix.... YUM-O! :) They were delish!

And now, I'm just going through my ever-growing pile of CRAP to do -- I have whittled it down from 2' to about 1' -- progress is progress!

I have an early morning tomorrow with the Cub Scout city-wide clean up tomorrow at 9am. UGH... :) Take care and I'll talk to you guys manana!

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chksngr said...

Sooo....are these tapes of yours 10 minute trainer? if so, I have them too...they are wonderful...and sooooo...on your little endeavor...I've got 40 pounds to lose...would you like an accountability partner?