Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm a bad mommy!

My youngest son had his first truly organized sports practice today... AND I FORGOT MY FREAKIN CAMERA!!!

Drew is playing for the New York Yankees in BLASTBALL! :) It was SO CUTE! They hit the ball off of a tee (is that how you spell T? or is it just a letter? Heck, I just SAY it, I don't SPELL it.) The ball has to clear a certain point and then they run to first base and jump on it and it honks. They were literally, having a BALL doing this.

His dad didn't get to see it as he went to VEGAS (grrrr) ha ha. So I guess he'll have to wait until the next one to see what all is going on since I didn't have photos to share with him.

Tomorrow at EIGHT AM is Josh's first game. It should be awesome! He's doing fantastic. He plays for the Rangers. Tonight I had to leave the airport, stop by the house, drop Josh off, take Drew to practice, scoop him up, go back to Josh's practice and wait for it to be over. Drew had to pee and said he couldn't hold it so he learned how to pee behind a tree. What a great mom I am teaching him to do this huh? I swear men have it so easy. Then I took the boys for some pizza. Came home, gave Drew a quick bath, tucked them in and he's made it downstairs about 3 times now... the second time is the only time he "let me" know he was up. He walked in and just kind of tried to look around to find an excuse as to why he wasn't in bed. He him-haw'd around just a bit only to say, "I came down... I just came down..." and he walked up to me with outstretched arms and said, "I love you." I said, "I love you to Mister I'm Supposed To Be In Bed." We had a few little words and I asked him if he'd like me to walk him back upstairs... "no, i do it aww by myself"

"okay...but who is going to tuck you back in?"

He leans over like he's going to whisper something in my ear and then taps me on the shoulder and says, "YOU!"

I'm still hearing faint bangs so I know he's still up to no good...and I can't rest soundly until I know he's asleep. UGH... it's going to be ugly tomorrow... nap time for EVERYONE

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