Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Monday! It's Monday!

Usually everyone hates Mondays but sometimes, just sometimes, I really look forward to them now for a little bit of a break -- be it just a minute 2 hour window, I'm still grateful for the time I have.

I dropped Drew off at his Discovery School (preschool science) and came home. My neighbor Kelly came over and we scrapped for about an hour until her delivery man came to bring her some new toys. :) I mean, you know you're becoming "grown up" (and I use that term VERY loosely) when you get excited about major appliances. It's not like they're REALLY going to be anything more than some electrical sucking fingerprint magnet. :) But the thought of having that pristine new gargantuan piece of equipment in your home almost makes you feel all Betty Crockerish inside. :) You know with that new fridge, you'll be able to find everything better, everythign will taste a little fresher, life will be a little better. Hee hee hee... they've got some great marketing plans do they not?!

I left to pick up the Drewster from his Discovery school and we stopped by his favorite (McDonalds -- UGH) and got him some lunch (I did it because of what was to follow). We were able to get him fed and I knew hew as tired because apparently they don't REALLY nap anymore -- and this boy NEEDS a nap. :( Poor kid. If I even remotely HAD A CLUE how to "home school" him for preschool, I so would... I really really would. But I just feel so completely inept to do so. I would love to be the Discovery School MOM! :) And just provide my children with enriching opportunities left and right but I feel like they'd be in front of the television and I'd be on the computer!

Which also leads me to another thing -- but I'll finish that in a bit -- :) I'll bet you're just on pins and needles waiting, huh? Ha! Yeah, right! Pshhhh! LOL

So, he got his Micky D's lunch and was fed...he was really relaxed and then we went to the doctor's office for his 4 year check up. He's in the 75th percentile for height and the 50th percentile for weight... basically long and lean just like they like them. I had no concerns - if I ever DO have concerns... they're basically addressed via e-mail, I don't save them up for a year to ask him. The only thing I'm concerned about is this kid's crazy tongue but hopefully that will be something that is continually worked with but... I do think I see some speech therapy in his future. ;) Since his fingers are singers... and anything with a "v" is automatically a "b." Things like that... most "f's" are also "b's." Oh well, at least I understand him. AND ... well, he had to get his 4 year old shots. I have several friends with children that fall on the autism spectrum and both seriously warned me of getting him his 4 year old shots but... I just think at this point in time, the reward (him staying healthy and not contracting any communicable diseases) is far more important than the risk of any sort of adverse reaction to inoculations. So, he was shot. He wasn't happy... we went home and he took a nap.

So... later I had to get spiffed up and went to the PTA meeting at school. Our Pack did the flag ceremony. I wish, however, the one that called the color guard did so with a little more enthusiasm. He sounded absolutely bored... and our color guard always salutes... that drives me to drink. The color guard is NOT supposed to salute. They are there to respect and honor the flag and "guard" the "colors"... hence the name -- "COLOR GUARD." I'm going ot make sure my guys ROCK when it's their turn to do it. :) Our Pack also presented to the school some new handmade flag stands on behalf of our Pack. Theirs were SO BAD they were having to TIE the flags to the banisters near the stairs so they didn't fall down. It was a very necessary thing.

Once the flag ceremony had concluded, I headed home. I'm not much of a PTA girl honestly... the stuff bores me to tears... And the agenda of the Texas PTA... I don't understand how a "parent teacher association" is pushing for legislation on a lot of the topics that seem far out of the scope of reality considering the teachers really don't get to "teach" anymore.

Any-who, long, full day... Superman flew in from Vegas today... maybe I"ll get to sleep soundly for once this week now. :) It's very hard to sleep soundly when you know you have "rats in the attic" (what it sounds like to me when Drew is upstairs sneaking around... and makes one final descent down the stairs to stumble over his words for having a bonafide REASON for being up at 10:15 p.m. Generally it's something like, "Mommy, I have some ting I want tell you... I wuv you"

I'll kiss a rat for that. :)

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