Saturday, September 20, 2008

Recap from yesterday and today

Why? Well, honestly because I typed it out in an e-mail to a friend and though, I should just cut/paste and tweak it and voila... there's an instant blog entry! So, I've cut.. now gonna paste and tweak. :)

I was sent an e-mail asking "how was my day?" And of course, I was like, "Do you want the truth or just a good lie?" Ha ha

Yesterday we raced home from the airport (ok, that's totally an understatement as to what you can truly do in Friday 4:00 o'clock traffic on Hwy. 114 but my heart was racing so, I say "race"). Once we pulled into the drive, I was completely in "divide and conquer mode." Isn't it funny, however, the offspring just don't seem to understand what that means. You can try to give them the pep talks, "ok guys, we're going to get in the door and get our cleats on and get water and we're out of here and off to practice." Drew starts to play with toys and doddle. He is THE master doddler. So, literally, we were already late for Josh's practice so we had virtually NO TIME to get ready for baseball practice.

Dropped Josh off 20 minutes late… I have never just DROPPED him off anywhere. It was, strangly not conforting. The complete absence of comfort.. it was downright uncomfortable, in fact. I felt like one of those complete "what if" scenarios was going to happen and no one woulid be there to help him and I'd be at another field with Drew. Ugh. Growing up is so hard for mom's to do.

So, dropped off Offspring #1 and then raced to Offspring #2's first practice… (he had a blast (no pun intended) and can you believe – I forgot my freakin camera GRRR) The coach is a great guy... he just had them practice hitting off the tee (tea, T, ti.. whateveR!) and running to the honkey base. :) It was a hit...and it was a hoot!

… that was done so we left to go get Josh and then went to eat pizza. Wow, that diet is really coming along huh? Ha! When I have time to PLAN, my diet goes smooth as silk. Take out my planning and I'm just screwed.

After pizza was done we ventured home, and I asked Josh to feed the dogs. Since they'd been outside for a while, they were, of course, quite hot. I think eating too fast, running up the stairs and being hot got to one of them and yep...when I walked out of the bathroom after running Drew's bath... waiting for me was a beautiful huge pile of dog puke right there smack dab in the middle of the dad gum floor. UGH! So 30 minutes later (I cleaned the carpet thank you very much)...

So, you know, how it goes, the kids get tucked into bed. Of course, Drew (his scientific name would be Drewapotomus wontsleepawinkumus) decided to be difficult. He doesn't realize, however, that this ceiling is like paper thin and I hear everyting. I hear every book hit the floor, I hear everything. And last night he wouldn’t go to sleep. He was upstairs and you can hear him rustling around non stop… it’s quite annoying… Imagine KNOWING you are exhausted, but also KNOWING that your child KNOWS how to open doors, unlock locks... would you feel comfortable going to sleep like that? No? Yeah, me either! So, waiting for the undead to sleep is just about as much fun as watching paint dry. Finally, there comes a silent point and I am about as happy as a clam!

I let the dogs out (it's gotta be around 11:30 now) and I was awoken at 12:15 to the sound of Thor PEEING on the corner of MY BED!!! I was livid (I was told by Andy that he probably has prostate problems -- thanks for the newsflash!!! GRRRRrrrr). I'm thinking he's about to have a boot problem -- that would be MY boot UP HIS REAR-END! I can't tell if he's just INTENTIONALLY being a turd -- because he HAS been known to be that way... but man... I'd JUST GOTTEN TO SLEEP! Anyway, he’s 140 lbs and 9 years old… ya know…may be getting to be “that time”… ?? Needless to say, this did not please me. So, of course, here I go with the stupid freakin carpet cleaner in MY room now ... I got back to bed about 12:45. Then he was up at 4am AGAIN to go to the bathroom. Are you noticing a simple but common theme to my night (lack of sleep?) No? Well, I feel better for having pointed that out to you!

I finished that up and... aaahh... I finally fell back asleep... only to have Josh at my bedside poking me on the forehead to wake me up at 6:06 am to ASK ME what time he needed to get up. I’m like… GO AWAY and LAY ON THE COUCH… I don’t want you in here… I have an alarm, I’ll get you up in plenty of time. It's like... sleep was not an option last night. How sad.

My alarm goes off… I get up and shower… Josh asks about taking a shower since the coach had mentioned "throw those boys in the shower tomorrow morning to wake 'em up." I said, you're awake, you don't need a shower to wake up... I know he’s awake because he’s so excited about his first game. )… so …I'm like.. you have 45 minutes before we even need to LEAVE (the game was 8am game)… coach wanted them there at 730.. UGH!

So I asked Josh to turn on hall lights and open drew’s door so he could wake up on his own… get him some cereal and get food in his belly… I took a shower… I swear I was still about 7 minutes late we got there at 7:37… getting up that dam early. It’s insane!

They warm up.. had a GREAT game – won 9 to nothing! Josh’s first time at bat was a walk (this is kid pitch – innings are LOOOOOONG)… LOL – 2nd time he had a nice hit and got on first. Josh WAS THE PITCHER the 2nd half (only play for 1 hr 30 mintues) So Andy's dad took them home with him… I ran home and printed out directions and was off to cub scout training from 10:30 to 2:30…then met afterwards with my committee chair and then went to pick up the boys… came home… had Josh throw on his uniform because we just started the annual Cub Scout Fundraiser of popcorn sales today. He’s trying to break the $750 mark so he can throw a pie in my face (isn’t that sweet? Everyone reading should donate to the cause! $25 sends popcorn to the military and gets my son THAT MUCH CLOSER to throwing a pie in my face!) LOL He wants to win a Wii… he’s trying for that… that and Game Stop Gift certificates for being the leader of his den in sales!) so we’re selling popcorn OR people can pay $25 and the company will ship popcorn to the members serving in the military. And we do our cul de sac…and one other street… and I call it a day… head home… get here… figure out we want Chili’s… I call in a curbside to go order…

While we’re eating… knock at the door.. John’s son is there… they came over as a joke b/c of something I’d said about Felicia treading on my “turf” – having HER scout come down our street while I’m at training! LOL… so they came over as a joke… knock knock on the door – Andrew (their son) is there asking me if I want popcorn… it was so funny! I love this family! They're all great! We hung out and talked to them for about… 30 minutes… Josh came in and let the stupid dogs in the house and his dog got in his chair and ate ½ of his freakin ribs!!! GRRRRrrrr

I took a shower finally and both the boys took a bath in the tub next to my shower while I was in there… so it was a community bathroom tonight.. Drew didn’t want to go to bed (7:50 but I threatened his life…gave him a flashlight…10 books and he’s CRASHED OUT!!!!) I’m fading fast… but something is wrong with the tv downstairs… and so Josh is watching a movie in my room… I’ll be in bed within 30 minutes…

How’s that for the true cliff’s notes version of my day? ROFL

Not enough for ya? Here are some photos to enjoy as well!

Josh on 3rd ready to head home

Almost at the plate

He's there!

Josh pitching -- very cool play. He threw, the kid hit a pop fly with a full count. Josh caught it - he was OUT!

My handsome little Ranger

Only a MAN would have picked WHITE PANTS for baseball....

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MaryC said...

A day in the life of a mom...I remember it well.
I never had a dog pee on my bed though...just kids. Hahaha!
Love the blog, girl.