Thursday, September 4, 2008

I find it funny...

Andy told me about an article that I was like -- SEND ME THE LINK! I have to see it. I find it funny that in THIS story, they even HAVE to mention, "Police said they do not expect to file charges against the Hoehns." I mean... ??? they do not EXPECT to file charges. What the heck is up with that? That just cracks me up.

If they DO file charges, I'll help fund their DEFENSE FUND! This is why everyone should be allowed the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. Not that they had a gun or even had time to think about what they'd do if they did... but this is just proof that PREVENTING honest, hard working people from being able to own guns doesn't keep the bad guys from having them... freakin political morons!

GO NRA! :)


chksngr said...

So...April...I'm not a gun person...I grew up believing that you should be prepared to eat what you shoot...and since I'm not a what totally cracks me up about this is that YOU are SO PASSIONATE about it! Girl, you are most definately a southern girl! HEE HEE!

And...ummm...I'm with you. I wonder what would CHANGE the mind of the police with regard to filing charges. I find it completely amazing that the guy DISARMED the stupid guy who thought that simply pointing a gun made him invincible...and that he got a litle piece (well several pieces considering it was a shot gun) of his own medicine.

SASSY said...

Dadgum! My hubby told me about this story and all I could think was - heck ya, man...that woman kicked some tail that night. Good for them - they had every right to do exactly what they did!