Wednesday, September 24, 2008

If you're on a diet....

The best snack you can eat while on a diet is the 100 calorie popcorn packs... Why? Because you can grab a HANDFUL of it and SHOVE IT IN YOUR MOUTH and actually feel like you're being given the opportunity to pig out! Gluttony is bliss in that milisecond that you're in the moment.

I picked Josh up early from school, stopped back by the house for a snack for him, gathered Drew's things, picked up Drew, went to Michaels to get the boys some entertainment for the appointments that followed. I took Josh to the dentist -- YES, his father is a pediatric dentist BUT he needs a local dentist. So he now has Drew's dentist and I now have a referral to an orthodontist. He needs it...we're going to take care of it. From there we went to Drew's swimming lessons. HE SWAM! I was SO PROUD! He had the arms, legs... the whole nine yards! GO DREW! :)

Then we went to Market Street to grab some ready to heat dinner since I didn't have time to make dinner. They enjoyed it and I came home and made some fat free hot dogs and ate some baked lays (BLECH)... oh well... I jsut realized I ate like NO veggies today... that can't be good! I need to plan my days out better I suppose.

Maybe I'll work on that this weekend. :) ha ha! yeah right.

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