Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Superman turns 38

Today is Superman's birthday. And can you believe I hung up a banner in the dining room but FORGOT TO SAY IT?! I get so focused on things that when the though leaves my mind... it's GONE. I promise, I DID call to apologize for not saying anything. Whoops...

Today after taking Drew to school, I came home and went for a run. Well, I STARTED out with the INTENTION of running but my boobs got the best of me. I'll be the first one on the PLANET to ask, "WHY IN THE HECK WOULD ANY WOMAN WANT TO GET BIGGER THAN A C CUP?" I tried doing my fast walk to warm up...and then took it to a slow jog. Then realized that I forgot to put on my second sports bra. Yeah, that's me, Busty LaRoux over here bouncing all over the freakin' place. I forgot to wear a sports bra and let me tell you folks, without the support behind curtain #2, a steady, comfortable jog just ain't happening! So I TRIED to jog... then walked...then jogged, then walked. I did basically 1.24 miles at the pace of a 17 minute mile. :( Not too good but hey, at least I did SOMETHING. I didn't have long because I had to run up to Sylvan to meet with some head honcho up there about Josh's test results.

I can't remember if I posted about that... I took Josh in because he has really been struggling in math. He was struggling at the end of last year and I inquired with his teacher if she thought I should have him go to tutoring. Sylvan was recommended then but because he was leaving in the summer for 5 weeks, I didn't want to do that just because of it seemed like it was going to be a logistical nightmare. So, instead I told my ex how he was struggling and asked for him to PLEASE work with him on math DAILY while he was up there... he needed to be proficient with his addition/subtraction and have an exposure to multiplication and division. All 5 books came back to me unopened, untouched and still in the suitcase where I put them. They did NOTHING all 5 weeks he was there. Yeah, I couldn't believe it either.

So I tried to play catch up all I could for the last couple of weeks before school started but, I can't make up for 5 weeks of missing practice. Needless to say, he's already struggling again. 72 on the first 2 math tests and that really has me worried. I'm worried, as well, how his grades across the board are going to be...

So anyway, I get to Sylvan, talk to the lady... things are okay.. just listening about the program (actually sounds quite beneficial) but she's wanting him to come in FOUR HOURS A WEEK at $45-50 an hour... yeah, can you say $800 a MONTH? They would guarantee he would be completely proficient in 3rd grade math by the end of January. Mind you, there is really something to be said for letting him be a little ahead of the game -- that'd completely build his confidence but ... DUDE... that's $3200 ... THIRTY TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS? I just don't know if I can swallow it. BUT, can you IMAGINE finding TWO hours ... TWICE A WEEK for a busy kid to go sit and do math? I just see BURN OUT written on the wall here...

The Texas education NAZI has this ridiculous test called the TAKS test. It starts in 3rd grade. And the teachers (or at least Josh SAYS this) are already stressing these kids out with statements like, "this is going to be on the TAKS so pay attention" or "you have to know htis because it's on the TAKS and if you don't pass the TAKS, you won't get to go to 4th grade." I mean, they're COMPLETELY stressing these kids out the freakin 3rd and 4th weeks of school? I am SO opposed to this whole NO Child Left Behind B.S. These teachers need to be able to teach a well rounded education... NOT just focus on material that is on a test... I am considering pulling him from public school... because I hate the TAKS test and standardized testing at this level... it's preposterous! Any-who... needless to say, I've got a lot to think about in the next few weeks.

I'd written Josh's teacher asking her what she suggested -- tutoring or what. She replied that she would start tutoring but not until late November/early December and it would primarily be only what's covered on TAKS. Isn't that so sweet? That was just the straw for me with the whole public school INSTITUTION.

I grabbed subway on the way home (YUM) and worked on some Scout stuff. Amazing how much you can find to do in the Scouting world. :) I love scouts!

I had the boys both make Superman a card... and Drew was so adamant about having a present for him too (I didn't buy one... Vegas was enough of a present to himself right?) so he was walking aroudn the house with a huge grocery sack trying to find just the right thing of HIS to give. It honestly, was just the sweetest thing ever. He even took his own balloons -- the kind you pump up and let them go and they make noise and fly everywhere... he wanted me to tie the up for balloons so there would be a party... it was TOO SWEET. He made him a card and colored him a cardinal -- it's honestly the BEST coloring job I've EVER seen him do. I was so proud of him for having that sweet, caring, giving heart. BUT... he kept picking up toys to put in this big paper sack for a present... and then going, "no..." He'd then grab somethign else and Josh would holler out, "That's mine." And drew would pipe back, "No, it's a present." Josh just watched wondering when it would end and then jsut matter of factly looked at me and said in the funniest tone, "pretty soon this whole house is goign to be in one of those little bags at this rate." I laughed so hard... sometimes that kid just says the funniest things.

Later in the afternoon, we went to baseball practice (Josh's) and then out to Joe's Crab Shack to celebrate Superman turning 38. :) I did FANTASTIC! I ate a minimal breakfast, frozen healthy lunch and then grilled fish and veggies for dinner... no soft drinks, no caffinated tea and no birthday cake. :) I was proud of my willpower! I knew it was there... just had to be found.

I'm on a mission to be back to 125 in 4 months. :) I've started the work out... I've started eating healthy... I'm going to do it... I have to... I refuse to buy new clothes! ha ha!

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