Friday, September 12, 2008


Madison needs your prayers...

Madison had her 3 year check up yesterday. The Dr. asked mom if she was ever told Madison had a heart murmur. The answer -- "No."

"Well, she does...but hers has a low pitch which typically indicates a small hole in the heart."

Because of this they want a cardiologist to oversee Madison and have a full check. She has to see a cardiologist at a children's hospital next week.

Madison's mom says, "I told myself nothing is different than it was yesterday and no need to worry until they do an echo cardiogram or ultrasound ect. But that's kind of creeping up on me, just a bit. How can you not worry a little? Anyway, please pray for my little Mado J. I will let you know what we find out next week. Until then thanks for lifting her up!"

So thank you my prayer warriors...

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