Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Drew's first day of school (from 9/2)

I'm a little delayed from all the whirlwind going on lately and just realized I never posted photos from Drew's first day of school on 9/2/08. :) He just looked too cute... I had to share!


And this little toy goes with us EVERYWHERE now. He is the fireman! :) That's his name.

I need to learn to remove the digital noise from this one... but you know me, gotta have those close ups!

And I am ALWAYS getting the little squished-face smile now... UGH


chksngr said...

AWWWW!!! He's so adorable!! Is that last face the "cheese" face? Cuz it looks just like what Jayden does when he says "Cheese"! hee hee

Greta Adams said...

ackkkkkkkkk girl i could eat him up!!! he is so stinking ca-Yute...i just want to squeeze how did he like his first day??