Saturday, September 20, 2008


I feel like I'm the prayer warrior lately but I just know that when things are placed upon my heart, I need to share them because silent prayers of one should be duplicated by the tens, hundreds and thousands... I know if I ever had an issue... I want millions of prayer warriors asking God for answers to my prayers!!!

I feel so fortunate to have my health, my family, my life, my "status" (supermom... able to be with my kids)... and it's little things you take for granted that are slowly slipping out of some people's grasp...

Please pray for Milo -- he lost his job at American Airlines after something like 22 years. This is an amazing, wonderful leader, person, man. Pray for him to find another job or for the economy to turn around and let his life return to "situation normal."

Please pray for Tim -- Josh's Godfather -- he, too, just found out he no longer has a job... and with three kiddos and a devoted wife at home... it, too, was a hard pill to swallow. He's already networking and I just pray that he finds something even more rewarding for their family where his conviction to Christ is able to touch someone spreading the love of Christ... one person at a time.

Please pray for Mark -- As some of you know, Mark╩╝s Dr recently found a nodule on his prostate. A biopsy was performed last week and they learned that Mark has prostate cancer. He and his wife are both trying to absorb this news and deal with the shock and reality of it. They know God is in control and He will certainly get them through this. Pray for their strength while they wait out the time until their appointment to discuss Mark's treatment options. Pray for their strength, peace and unshakeable faith. Pray that the cancer is contained to the prostate and has not spread and for absolute healing. Please pray for wisdom regarding the many decisions that are ahead.

Pray for our soldiers and my best friend, GP as he is enroute to Afghanistan right now.

Pray for my brother in law, Robert, as he heads back over to Iraq for yet another tour... for another year.

Thanks guys! I always feel better knowing that my prayers are in good hands! Because, well, you know, that I've heard that God truly answers KNEE mail. :)

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