Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Protect Our Children Bill.... Act NOW

I received this on an e-mail and feel compelled to pass it along for EVERYONE -- every mother, child, father, aunt, uncle, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, son, daughter... EVERYONE take action and contact your politicans to get it passed!

I don't normally tape Oprah, but I did yesterday. Her show was on sexual predators over the internet and how to protect your kids. Well that was the wrong title for the show. It was more about how easily your children can be exposed to predators and how to avoid them. Also on what little is being done to catch them. If you can watch some of its video from her website...than please do. Also I am including a link to contact your local Senators (with a letter you can copy and paste) on the bi-partisan bill to give law enforcement more money, manpower and authority to capture these predators.


Please take the time to email your Senators on this.

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