Friday, September 12, 2008

Who would do that?

I realized I'd posted this instead of saving it to "drafts" as I'd initially intended... oh well... it's pretty much the same but I'd wanted to make sure

First and foremost, I am NOT saying that her grief is I'm sure it's beyond comprehension...

I saw a video clip news story on Yahoo today about an accomplished pianist who was killed Sunday on his way home from a business trip.... they go into his music... his wife has two boys and is 8 months pregnant with the 3rd boy. She's obviously grieving... for herself, her children, her future... and really build this story up (typical media fashion). And then they report that he has no life insurance. My first thought is what INTELLIGENT MAN... would have two children... and one on the way... and have NO FREAKIN LIFE INSURANCE!?!

There is only ONE assurance in this life...and that is YOU WILL DIE. I never ever EVER thought about having life insurance UNTIL I had a child.... before my son was even born... I took out a policy on myself... and even being a single mom maintained that policy because it was my responsibility to provide for him in the event of my death. Did that mean I went without to make that chunk of premium at times? Yes, it did. But hey, priorities are priorities. I'm sorry, but I couldn't call myself a provider and NOT have life insurance to provide.

They showed the remnants of the vehicle he was apparently driving... it looks horriffic and I certainly wouldn't want that playing over and over again... it shows that he was apparently driving a nice sporty car... ... and to drive a nice sporty car you have auto insurance... ?? I don't know it's just such a priority, I would think to make sure your family is provided for. For it to even be an afterthought is just... ?? bizarre in my mind. I just think that thinking that you're invincible and ultimately leaving your children completely without... what in the world are you working for if you're not protecting those that you've brought into the world?

The epitome of selfishness perhaps... putting other things before taking care of what needs to be taken care of... but I hope others learn by this freak accident a) you aren't invincible and b) prioritize your life and ideals.... c) be prepared for the unexpected... d) if you bring children into this world... your JOB is to take care of them.... in life and in death. That's your job.

I pray this family makes it through without struggles financially... I pray for this mom... that she has strength she needs to go on... I pray for his sons... to never forget the legacy of their father... they have his music and I hope it at least gives them peaceful times to sleep to have sweet dreams of their memories with their dad.

I always think that NO parent should have to lose a child.... but when you hear of YOUNG children, parents in their prime being taken so soon... it's unfair... IT's unfair to the spouse to have to carry on a dual role now... it's unfair to the family who never had time to say goodbye... it's unfair to the friends that never got their last text or phone call... it's unfair to the children to NOT be at the age to truly have concrete memories that WILL last a lifetime with their father.... It's so unfair.

So, while I don't discount her grief... I certainly hope that at least lessons can be learned from freak accidents... and the chaotic mess that ensues afterwards... if this makes anyone else think about the importance of things like... insurance... his death was not in vain...

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chksngr said... dh has life insurance, but only because my job allows me to add him and its only enough to bury him and maybe have some cash to pay off the non-house bills...and I have some, but only enough to get them through two years if anything happens to me...We live (by choice) on a single income. We felt it was more prudent to have somebody spending time at home with our son in the now than for both of us to work to pay for things that wern't as much a part of our "now." That said, we prioritize our bills and expenses this way: God, House, utilities, food, medical insurance, life insurance, other insurance and then the fun stuff. Jay was a surprise to us...we moved, I got a new job, we bought a house and then found out we were pregnant all in about 6 months time. Life insurance honestly didn't come until Jay was already 6 months old. We just didn't have the cash until then. Sometimes you really are just so focused on getting through that you never get to a place where you see the big picture...its sad, but oh, so common.