Friday, September 5, 2008

Unions had their day...

Unions had their time and place but I don't feel that they have their place in American culture any longer. Do I feel that people shouldn't group to represent themselves as a unit? No? But should anyone be forced into paying dues to a union that perhaps may go against everything they stand for as an individual, as an American, as a woman, as a ... Republican?

Unions were a necessary evil -- back in the day but now it seems they're busy driving all the factories, large American business overseas where the labor is cheaper, the health expenses are cheaper, there aren't retirement issues... there aren't unions trying to bleed every bit of profit out of a company.

Yeah, the National Education Association is going to spend $50 MILLION DOLLARS on swing state ads to get Barak INSANE Obama elected. Wouldn't you think, with the state of education in this country, that'd be better utilized, I don't know... spending it on the CHILDREN? Isn't that such a crazy thought. But oh no, these aren't my ramblings, read it for yourself HERE

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