Monday, September 8, 2008

The insanity has begun

Take Drew to his first day of Discovery School. It's a program actually AT his preschool that is for a shortened amount of time and the children have to be in the 4 year old program as well. It's all science-based activities and from what I've been told, it's a BLAST! So, I'm very excited that he made the cut (the class is full!)

I stop by the store to pick up a new 3 volt button battery for my pedometer...come home, try to figure out how to set it (do you hear me cursing the blasted thing going "I just want to take a freakin walk and now I have to have an engineering degree for these stupid settings!" It was madness... I finally found their website and was able to calculate my normal stride.... though you needed to be a math wiz to figure that stupid thign out too! UGH... ALL I WANNA DO IS WALK PEOPLE!

So... I get it strapped on and then realize, OH CRAP, today is the day I'm supposed to scrap with Kelly.... my new neighbor across the street -- today is the first day we've both been kidless ... and the only day each week we will both be kidless so we can scrap together. But then I think... I've made myself this commitment and I have to see it through.

I walk out of the house and head down the street... I still am having problems with my right foot at the toe but that wasn't even going to stop me today... I'm a woman on a mission... a mission to fit into all my clothes without having to suck in! :) That's my goal... no magic numbers... no secret gimmicks... I just want to fit into all my clothes and have them fit me well. I go to the "safe zone" (flat streets, no hills, peaks or valleys) and consider that my warm up...then make a turn and head to the danger zone! I walked 7023 steps according to my pedometer! :) I even ran some... which reminds me, I need a boob reduction, these things are just clearly in the way... trying to stuff myself into a sports bra... OH MY GOSH what a joke. It's the uniboob! It's so gross!

So I figure I need to come up with a realistic schedule...

Mon/Wed/Fri walking -- that probalby won't do because I'll have MOPS on some Fridays... but I at least wanted to get started!

So probably the best bet is Mon/Wed do my tapes and Tues/Thurs to go walking and then Friday to just do whatever... but to at least do SOMETHING... even if it's just a leisurely stroll.

One weird side effect... your mind goes crazy when embarking on a journey such as this...
  • after 5 minutes... you're building yourself up -- I can do this...
  • 7 minutes youre thinking... dude, it's hot out here....
  • 10 1/2 minutes... should I just cut this short today
  • 15 minutes... this isn't half bad... i'm going to shrink like a shrinky dink and pretty soon I'll look like a super model
  • 16 minutes... i so rock... why didn't i think of this before
  • 18 minutes... wow... that is a really high heel
  • 19 minutes... i wonder if Amy would mind me stopping at her house for a drink of water and a ride home..
  • 30 minutes... i wonder if i will ever wear jogging shorts and a sports bra instead of the baggy clothes I have on hiding me
  • 31 minutes... no i won't. some things are better left covered up when you're over 25 years
  • 38 minutes... another hill? AMY WHERE ARE YOU?
  • 40 minutes... OH down hill.. maybe I should run down it so I look like I'm a badass to everyone driving by... they'll she ran that whole thing
  • 45 minutes... you know... i'm hot... and this stuff I keep spitting out isnt spit... it's like little wads of sticky oatmeal in my mouth... i shoudl have brought water
  • 47 minutes... why are my fingers all swollen??? weird!
  • 50 minutes ... there's my street.. it's in sight!!!
  • 55 minutes... you know... maybe I wont do this every day... my muscles need to rest... every other day would be best until I can at least jog for 1 minute without breathing like a sumo wrestler on a 10K

It ain't pretty...but it has begun! :) Felicia... did I hear you say you wanted to partner up with me on the journey? :)

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MaryC said...

Okay, YES, you should have brought water. Secondly, you absolutely should take a day off. Thirdly, you probably should have started with 30 minutes and worked your way up to one hour.
Too much too soon makes a girl want to quit!
Hang in there.