Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 10: First Love / First Kiss

Day Ten - discuss my first love or first kiss....

My first love was ... hmmm.... I can't really remember.  RJ Reneau I think.  Looking back I don't consider that "love" but it was "puppy love" so I guess by all intents and purposes it was "love" by those standards.  He was shorter than I was.... (probably still is)... back then it didn't matter.  He was a little stud.  

My first kiss was in the 4th grade.  Michael Bates.  We were at Mid Cities Skating Rink.

Funny story about this is that we were watching an episode of iCarly one day.  It was about when Sam and Freddie kissed and hadn't told Carly.  So, Josh turns and looks at me, "When was YOUR first kiss, Mom?"

I thought for a second and then remembered Michael Bates and Mid Cities Skating Rink.  So I told him.

His response was HILARIOUS!!! 

"FOURTH GRADE??? OH MY GOD MOM@!#$!@#?$?#$?@!#"

I laughed and said, "It was a kiss, Josh.  I'm not a hooker!  Sheesh!"

"But fourth GRADE????"

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Paula said...

Funny! I was taller than almost all the boys all the way through grade school