Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 2 - Ten Years From Now

Paula's Blog Challenge Button photo juneblogchallenge_zps025ac00b.jpgPaula at "Paula's Place" and Kwizgiver  at "what if this is as good as it gets" are both doing the June monthly challenge, I wanted to play along.  Here is day 2's topic:  Where you'd like to be in 10 years.

In ten years, I will be fifty.


Why are you making me think about this now?

I will have a newly turned 24 year old (gasp).

I will have an almost 19 but still 18 year old (gasp)

And Benji will be my teenager.... 13.


Where do I hope to be?  

I'm not sure if this should take a unilateral direction as in a physical location or merely a "place in life" type of course...

Physically, I'm not sure where I will be as you never know what the future holds.  

Emotionally... spiritually, I hope to be present and complete. 

But, you're asking me to write this on a day when I've been hit with Tinker Toys.... a Matchbox car... had an entire bowl of cereal thrown across the floor.... be spat upon...  

So, right now if you ask me, I'll say... ANYWHERE BUT HERE!!!!  I may go break the law just to get a night away in the pokey far removed from this... crap otherwise known as summertime with a three-year-old.


Paula said...

Oh my I would want to spend the night in the pokey too! Ha!

Cristy S said...

I would want to be anywhere but there too. Tinker toys, matchbox cars, and cherrios...oh my!