Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Today is Father's Day.... the day to celebrate the patriarch of the family.  Ours was a little different from what I had anticipated, but we did what we always do -- go with the flow.  You see my oldest, Joshua, had a baseball tournament.  First game was at 10, which meant they needed to be there by 9.

They won!  Great!

But that meant they needed to be back by 1:15 for a 2pm game.

This was probably one of THE best baseball games I've ever seen!  They went to 7 innings which, for them, is unheard of.  The opposing team ultimately got the winning score with the hit they needed that no one could get to in time.  Total bummer.

However, as much as it pains me to say it, it may have been a good thing because our pitchers were all used up.... our boys were tired, and hot (it was 101 heat index)... and probably hungry... and did I mention HOT?  Yeah, it was a tad warm!  If they'd won this game (remember, this was the second game in this heat...) they would have had about 50 minutes before their next game.  That would have been for the championship, however.

Here are a few shots of my stud!

Since we were at the fields separated all day, I had neither the time to cook nor the time to shop to cook for a special dinner.  Primarily because we didn't know what the day would hold since if they kept winning, they'd have kept playing.  So, we ordered take-out from Buca di Beppo.  Expensive... hard to swallow the prices but the food is oh so delish!  $19 for a small Caesar salad... which I could have easily made for $5 bucks... maybe $7 if I purchased the GOOD croutons.  But, it was a special day to celebrate special men and so it deserved a special meal.  Period.

But... back to the topic at hand -- Father's Day.  That's today.  It's a day to celebrate dads everywhere who do what they have to do, to make sure what needs to happen happens.  To celebrate men that teach patience, resolve, perseverance, love, respect, humility, tenderness...

To sing the praises of those that choose family over all...

To thank men who sit and play Barbies, or have tea parties, or learn to braid hair for their little girls.  To men who teach their daughters boundaries and respect and who won't let them leave the house looking less than honorable.

For men teaching their sons how to be respectable husbands and fathers themselves... men who set the example and raise the bar just a little higher... givign their boys large shoes to fill

For men that realize that their family is worth more than one more drink.... one more smoke... one more hour at the office.

Men that invest their time and give of themselves to their children. 

This is not only for "fathers" or "dads" but it's for men everywhere that step up to mentor other children providing a comforting, loving role model.  

For men, fathers, uncles, brothers, friends... who step up to the plate to counsel... or stand by with an extended hand to pick us up as we fell or stumbled a few times along the way.  

I feel fortunate to have the best dad on the planet.  Sensible, non-judgmental, honorable, patient, calm, loving, giving... he's everything I think a good dad should be... and then some!

Today, I honor him, my dad, Larry Wesson.  Happy Father's Day, Daddy!  I love you!


Paula said...

Great baseball pictures

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ahh your dad sounds like an amazing role model