Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 4 - Your Views on Religion

Day 4 - Your Views On Religion

Ummm... I am not sure I even want to address this issue... for a multitude of reasons.  Primarily because I don't really care what anyone feels about my view on religion.... nor do I care about anyone else's view.  It's such a personal thing for people.   \

What I will say is that I believe that EVERYONE can't be right.  I mean, EVERYONE feels that his or her god(s) are the end-all-be-all and the only way to heaven.  EVERYONE can't be right.

I mean, we have Christians who worship God -- Jesus -- The Holy Spirit.... the Holy Trinity all in one.  Isaiah 45:5 says that there is only one god and that's the capital Him.  That there are no others.  So, if you're a Christian, you believe what this book tells you to believe.

You have Hindus that have a monotheistic Brahman that manifests in different forms...  it's a confusing belief system that I have yet to truly understand.

You have Muslims that worship Allah from a book called the Quraan.  While there are similarities between the Christian god and their god, the two aren't the same in belief because there IS no Holy Trinity with the Muslim viewpoint.... Jesus was merely a prophet.  Oh, and then you have the whole freaky thing of killing all the infidels.

You have Buddhists that don't believe in a god.  They believe in understanding the suffering for clarity and purpose.  (Not that all Buddhists are agnostic beings.... some do believe, but the majority, I feel, would fall under the agnostic descriptor).

So, again, I just don't feel that everyone can be wrong...

I also really am not one to base anything on superstition and hocus pocus nonsense.  I am a fact seeker.  I am a realist.

I don't begrudge anyone else's belief.  I don't believe anyone should blindly follow anything, however, just because some book or some person told them to.  I believe you need to seek out your own truth.  If people need religion to have a moral code to follow, that is fantastic... but don't define yourself as one thing... do another... and claim that "well, Jesus knows I'm a sinner" as if you have a free pass to be a complete hypocrite.

Christians spoil Christianity... the same way the extremists spoils Islam....

I believe people can be spiritual without being religious....

I judge no one by their beliefs, only their actions.


Paula said...

Well thought out post!

Sandy said...

Enjoyable post to read. I have a friend from HS who is a Budist Priest...wonderful man I don't understand those other religions, still trying to learn and understand mine. You could devote a life time I think to trying to understand them all...and like you said they are similarities as well as differences.