Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 29 - Looking ahead

Paula's Blog Challenge Button photo juneblogchallenge_zps025ac00b.jpgIn line with the June Blog Challenge over at Paula's Place we are now brought to day 29... 

Goals for the next 30 days.

I plan to's Texas

It's hot

I have boys at home

I have boys at friends

I am a taxi, cook, maid, referee, psychotherapist, counselor, doctor, nurse, errand girl, serving wench, handy-woman... you name it... I'm gonna get it done.  Period!  

Plus, get organized for the new school year that starts mid August.  Turn around this exercise/clean-eating slump and get back on track.  Period.



(i'm trying to convince myself of something, can you tell?)


Paula said...

It has been hot here in Kansas too. But today wasn't really bad

Cristy S said...

Our state will join the hotness train, but I know Texas is usually on fire!! Good luck surviving with 3 boys...phew I can only imagine. I hope it is not too bad when we head to Grapevine in a couple of weeks. I want nice weather. Can you put in a request to your state's weather center for me?? 'kay...thanks!! :)