Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 6 - 30 Facts about me

Day Six - Write 30 Interesting Facts About Myself

Just for the record, I hate random and I don't feel interesting so this will suck.

  1. I love Boston Terrier dogs and will probably have one forever even though I wish to help rescue dogs on death row.  
  2. I hate emptying the canister on the Dyson vacuum to see all the nasty disgusting crap that it sucked up off the floor and the carpet
  3. .
  4. I have never been to jail... I've worked in one, however.  
  5. I don't watch television and feel that 90% of the crap aired today is complete and utter crap.  It's a worthless waste of time that you will never get back.  Books are much more entertaining.
  6. I use Crest toothpaste.  White.  Plain.  I like it.  It's minty fresh.
  7. My left ear is pierced three times.  My right one twice.  I might wear earrings four times a year.
  8. I have a desire to go to Alaska to fish and take photos of the bears during salmon spawning.
  9. I love the smell of Curve cologne... and Armani Code.  Mmmmmmmm
  10. I hate shopping... the malls make my eyes twitch. 
  11. I love the feeling of lactic acid built up in my muscles from a great workout the day before.
  12. Swiss cheese is my favorite.
  13. I love to sing.  
  14. I can't decorate to save my life.  I have no certainty when it comes to anything... I just know when I DON'T like something.  I'm never sure of anything I do...
  15. I am a kick ass cook.
  16. The last three times I ever had fillings, I refused Novocaine because I hate the numb mouth feeling.
  17. I own more tennis shoes than any other kind of shoe.
  18. I'm a native Texan but have lived in Colorado and Ohio as well.
  19. I like fall and winter more than any other season because I hate summers in Texas.
  20. I let things go very easily because I refuse to give any stupid situation, person or circumstance power over my happiness... except Benji... that little fart pushes every button in my entire world and then laughs!
  21. I have no favorite.... anythings.  I'm not really one for favorites.  No favorite smell, number, car, movie, song, etc.
  22. I miss having a job... a "real" job.  I miss the interaction and satisfaction of a job well done.  I miss being part of a team.  I miss supervising a staff.  I miss feeling worth something.  Staying home sucks.  
  23. I am in great dislike as to the state of our country.  The rate at which the debt increases... the idea of SPENDING your way OUT of debt.... the idea that academia can compete with "real world"... that people can be FINED for not having insurance... that the "feel gooders" haven't had a big enough dose of reality... that people rant and rave over the death of one convicted murderer as if he has a right to live but march for abortion rights... people in jail for drugs serve more time than those that molest children... that you can plea bargain your way out of a murder charge... that it costs $25 for a package of razor blades... and our Administration is run by a group of f'n lunatics that are following the policy of "do as I say, not as I do"... and oh, by the way, these laws... they don't apply to us... just YOU.  That the way to prevent more gun violence from CRIMINALS is to regulate the law abiding citizens... because if we make things ILLEGAL... then guns will be harder to buy.  The last time I checked, if a crook wanted a gun, he probably wasn't going to go buy the damn thing at a gun store.  How STUPID IS THAT?!?! Rant over.  Sorry bout that.
  24. I am 40 years old... born 5 days before Christmas and YES... it's true... Christmas birthdays SUCK... so anyone contemplating conception -- do NOT do it in March/April.... let the kids have a chance at a happy birthday.  Please...
  25. Enablers irritate the living crap out of me and I just want to SHAKE THEM!
  26. For the most part, I am a complete grammar Nazi.  It's true.  I am.  I silently correct the grammar of everyone I meet. 
  27. Sleeping in a sleeping bag, in a tent, listening to the crickets... is my most favorite place to sleep... waking up with the sunshine in the early morning.... you can't beat that!
  28. I'm a shortie.... 5'2" tall.
  29. Most of my friends on Facebook have been my friends since junior high school... some as far back as elementary... and the rest are mostly high school.  I love, however, meeting new people and am so thankful for the opportunity to stay in touch with them, and my newbies!
  30. I was born tongue tied and had to have my frenulum clipped... Josh was too.
  31. I like being finished with this....because I generally do NOT participate in these kinds of things.


Paula said...

My mom used to always say, "do as I say not as I do" Thanks for giving me that memory today!

Cristy S said...

I have a pug! I love her, snorting and all!! I totally agree with the disgustingness of the canister of our dyson; especially with shedding animals. I swear some days I could create a whole new animal. I have never been to jail or worked in one. I did go there to pick up my concealed license. I would believe you are a kick-ass cook. You have three boys and a husband to feed, that takes some skills! We are soul sisters, I have more tennis shoes than any other shoes too. Totally 100% agree with you on 22. I was born two weeks after Christmas. I feel your pain. I tell people that everything is on sale, so I expect extra nice stuff they get at deep discounts. Enablers irritate the crap out of me too. I love learning how much we have in common.