Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 7 - Sign of the Zodiac

Day 7:  Your sign of the zodiac and if you think it fits your personality.

I'm a Sagitarrius.  My birthday is December 20, therefore I'm also on the Capricorn cusp.

Other that that.  I know nothing of how this ridiculous bunch of nonsense fits my personality.  

To assume that your personality, circumstances, luck, love and compatibility has anything to do with planetary alignment, tidal movement and whatnot is the biggest bunch of bullshit I have ever heard of. 

I refuse to even read a hint of a horoscope... Sorry to disappoint.  I'm a realist.  

but I found THIS let's discuss...shall we?  

Carefree, blindly optimistic, volatile, eccentric, fool hardy, absent-minded, over-confident, irresponsible, good memory, idealistic... hardly

Rebellious, candid, cheerful, adventurous, generous... definitely

Sarcastic... to a fault.

Restless... I'm not sure I would classify myself as restless because I'm fully capable of being calm, I just choose not to be.

Tactless... I'm not without tact.  I am FULL of tact and am fully capable of delivering a full dose of it, unless you do not deserve it by your own actions.

Okay, so yeah, a lot of those characteristics apply to me... but look...


So, gee... I'm protective, creative, nonconformist, enigmatic, intuitive, nurturing, artistic, kind, encouraging, moody, organized, tenacious, touchy, introspective, adaptable, witty, compassionate... so HMMMM.... should I be CANCER?



Gregarious... check.  Bossy... check.  Self-reliant... check.  Enthusiastic... check.  Hedonistic... check.  Stubborn... check.  Compassionate... check.  Opinionated... check.

See what I mean?  The whole idea of a bunch of random adjectives being used to define a person or, more importantly, for a person to let a bunch of random adjectives being used to define THEM just because of the happenstance of the month of their birth is complete nonsense.  NONSENSE!


Paula said...

You just make me laugh! Everytime!

Cristy S said...

Hahaha!!! I am a Capricorn. I had to google the characteristics. I am a multitude of signs too!!