Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 20 - Education

Paula's Blog Challenge Button photo juneblogchallenge_zps025ac00b.jpgIn line with the June Blog Challenge over at Paula's Place we are now brought to day 20... 

How important you think education is.

Well, this is an interesting topic to me.  You see, I'm an educated person, so, by default you would think that education would be important -- and it is -- but only if you WANT IT.

I believe that college degrees are a piece of paper.  I don't believe that they necessarily mean you have one iota of common sense.  

I know people that have spent their lives becoming professional students but do little with the educations they have obtained.  Now, mind you, if you can afford to BE a professional student without incurring any debt, then by all means, go get your piece of paper! (I'd LOVE to be a professional student!!! 

However, if you're like a huge majority of college students that are taking on massive amounts of debt in pursuit of a piece of paper that is probably going to be pretty worthless unless you truly focus on a field that is IN DEMAND!  More than half the college graduates are un- or under employed.  

People seem to have little common sense.  For instance, taking on crazy debt in pursuit of a master's degree when the earning potential certainly wouldn't help them pay off their student loans within any sort of reasonable time period.  Or getting a degree in something like "Art History" or "Women's Studies."  Seriously?  Who incurs debt ... for THAT?  

Couple that with the education bubble.  The costs of education continue to rise because they (the mafia, obviously) con unsuspecting youth into believing that a degree=high earning potential (high valued promising career) and is critical to securing said position.  As such, more and more sign on to loans based on the false promise that that one automatically equals the other.  Newsflash -- they don't!

The truth is, while almost everyone would agree that education IS fundamentally important, it's not for everyone.  

Education, in the sense of which I speak -- HIGHER education -- is definitely not for everyone.  I mean, not everyone is even meant for college.  Just like not everyone is meant to flip burgers, drive trucks, be a police officer or an attorney.  

A basic education, I feel, however, is critical to becoming the most basic member of society.  You may not need algebra, but you DO need a clue!  

The fact remains that the world needs ditch diggers, too.  


Paula said...

As usual you hit this right on! I know so many kids out there wasting all of their parents hard earned money while they party at college. A ridiculous waste of time and money!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ditch diggers lol!

Basic knowledge yes a must

Sandy said...

The costs are rising. Hubby, the accountant would be clapping loudly to your paying big bucks for a degree in Women Studies or other things that translate to jobs. People are educated but often do lack common sense. If you find out how to be a student for life without $$, let me know!

Cristy S said...

I agree about people who have that piece of paper but are still clueless. We should go back to apprenticeships, instead of making everyone go get a college degree. Excellent post!