Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 9 - What Would You Like Your Future To Be Like

Day Nine of our journey focuses on the future.

What would I like for my future to be like is totally different from what I envision my future to be like.... so lets focus on the fantasy, shall we?

I would like to be practicing law on my terms.  

I would like to be working on my second or third novel.

I would like to have health, nutrition and fitness down to a fine science.

I would like to be more to someone than a maid, cook and chauffeur.  I would like to feel like I'm the someone that someone else can't live without... and not because of the maid, cook and chauffeur perks.  I want to be so in love that it makes people jealous.... 

I want to have responsible boys that I don't want to punch in the throat at least once a day.

I want to have a three year old that is NOT A COMPLETE and UTTER pain in the ass. :)

Wait... what were we talking about?  GAWD that freakin kid always ruins my fantasies... back to reality... he's screaming again.  


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Paula said...

I love the idea of practicing law your way!