Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 14: I'm hearing CATS!

Today's question is to recall your earliest memory.

This made me hear the CAT's musical song in my head....

While I don't know what is my earliest memory, because, let's face it.  I'm old.  Memories fade.  Unless it's date-stamped, it's thrown in the minutiae of life to just be summoned for instances like this.

I remember living on Cunningham and leaving my box of Crayola crayons outside so that they melted into one big lump -- and being quite upset about it.

I remember not flushing the toilet one time and being called out on it by my mom at that same house.  

Those would probably be the oldest memories -- as I was under 5 years of age.  

I remember being at preschool at Tubby Toombs house and being big on the thumb by a hermit crab.... that I loved the smell of the permanent markers she let us use.... how we did lots of fun crafts and used fluorescent crayons then held our work under the black light -- waaaay cool!  Those memories, too, were under the age of 5.  


Paula said...

I love all those memories!

Sandy said...

Florescent crayons and a black I missed out. Never knew those existed. Long after my time for sure, but I don't remember them during my DD time either? Perhaps after her as well? She's soon to be 30.