Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Captain Phil

So, I finally watched the last episode of The Deadliest Catch this past week. It was the episode where they ultimately said goodbye to Captain Phil.

I think that is one crazy way to make a living. There is no way in God's green earth that I would survive on a boat like that. I would be paralyzed with fear, violently ill and freezing to death. How they do that is just beyond me.

Captain Phil of the Cornelia Marie had a massive stroke and was flown to Anchorage, AK. His boys went to be by his side... you saw the raw emotion from one trying to hold it together for them all, how one went to his vices to deal and then it ultimately ended with a phone call for the eldest of the two sons to get back that he'd had another episode and they're doing everything they can to bring him back. He didn't make it, however. Seeing the true raw emotion that these boys went through... the fear... the anxiety... wanting to stay there but watching them literally overcome with emotion that they couldn't even stay bedside because they were breaking down. Through it all, you see his love for his kids, however. That man loved his kids. He left behind a viewership that was moved. I loved that he told it like it was. He wasn't afraid to make you his enemy by telling you the truth. The world needs more people like Captain Phil Harris.

I think why it's easy to get attached to a show like that is that it's this big burly man who wears his heart on his sleeve... but has this rough and tumble exterior. You got to see him at his strongest... and then at his weakest.

I think, too, it lets us all know that we play an important part in the cards we're dealt... and to make the most of the game we play with the time we're given. There is no certainty other than the fact that one day you will pass on. Find something you're passionate about... and give it 100%. Love your kids and be a parent to them. They don't have to like you all the time but do let them know that you love them and expect much more of them than they'll ever expect of themselves. Be a steadfast friend... and be loyal.

And... when the chips are down... keep fishin'

RIP Captain Phil Harris. You will be missed.

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VandyJ said...

We have been watching those episodes too. I think Discovery did a good job documenting the whole thing. There was dignity and respect for everyone involved. Yes, Captian Phil, you will indeed be missed.