Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pink, Primping and Randomness

As I sit here contemplating what memories of late are worthy of remembering, it got me thinking about a few things.

Drew just got home moments ago from his Mimi's house. Poor kid has PINK EYE in not one, but both eyes! :( Conjunctivitis. No fun. He is on eye drops and has his birthday party on Saturday. I certainly hope it clears up by then. No fun. It's so funny becuase my mother-in-law rang the doorbell just as I was finishing up nursing Ben. In walks Drew with his rolling back pack in hand and she's carrying a lamp. He got a fire hydrant lamp to go with his firetruck room. Cool, huh? She's too sweet.

Today, Josh is enjoying his third day at College for Kids and he's really enjoying it.

The first day was absolutely adorable. Literally, he had the excitement of a kid on his first day of school. I can't even begin to imagine how he's going to act in the fall when it really IS is first day of school! He was up early (as in 6:20 early), showered and dressed to the shoes! TO THE SHOES PEOPLE?!

I inquired if he was going to wear his new College For Kids t-shirt they give all the registrants to wear. "Oh yeah!" What does he do? He goes to the BATHROOM to change a shirt! Seriously, the modesty this kid exhibits is almost borderline ridiculous. I don't know how he'll ever be able to play team sports in school if he won't even change a shirt in front of his mother. Thing is, I can be in the shower and he has NO problem walking in on me to ask some random question that could definitely wait but GOD FORBID someone sees the kid in his boxers or without a shirt and you'd think they're going to turn to stone as if they'd seen Medusa herself! It's laughable at best.

So, the shirt's on and next he slides the little pedometer on his pants pocket. Next he dons the backpack they provided as well. He walks to the mirror to take a look. He adjusts it a little up... a little down... it's a little tight... too loose... aaah, "...just right." Seriously, it's Goldilocks all over my livingroom. I give him some money for lunch, fill his water bottle and we hit the road. It's nice seeing him so excited about a CAMP full of nothing but fun and learning! :) Yaa-hoo!

I sit here pondering what I want my children to read years from now about where they stand in life at this very moment... why don't I start a "Project 365" for my house? I love the idea of snapping ONE picture EVERY DAY for one year. What a great way to remember the random but also, what a fun way to capture a timecapsule of your life. Then again, it could be fun to go more detailed and do a "Month in the life" or even a "Week in the life" Heck, how about one full DAY in the life?! I must consider this. Yeah, I'll just add that to the list of 7,329 other things I'm considering.

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chksngr said...

Pink eye not so fun...I've had it TWICE since I had kids...but they have not had it at all...which means they are lucky and I'm a good hand-washin' mama!! Love the primping...wonder what that will be like when he's 14 HEE!!!