Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday Recap

It started off like any typical morning...wake up, feed Ben, fix breakfast, change, take Josh to College for Kids. I am generally in such a quandry as to how to "do" mornings at my house. I may have said it before that I have a "scent" or a "smell" thing. I hate to smell like food. If we go to a BBQ place, I feel like I smell like a brisket and have to change. If we go to a Mexican food restaurant, you walk out smelling like a fajita -- and I have to change when we get home. If I go to a donut store for the boys in the morning -- you leave there smelling like a grease ball.

Making breakfast at my house is no different. So, if I make breakfast, I don't shower first and since I like my boys starting off their day with a big healthy breakfast, I typically don't shower before getting home from taking them to school. And then when I'm dropping them off at school, you see all these moms that are completely done up from head to toe / hair and make up and I wonder... what did your kids eat for breakfast? Isn't that horrible? Why do I do that to myself? Does anyone really care other than me? I doubt it. Seriously, I don't know why I even care -- but I do!

After I took Josh to College for Kids, I took Drew to Mimi's. She took him to the Harkin's movie to see Astroboy. He loves that show. Every summer they have a movie special where you can spend $5 and get tickets to see 10 movies (they're all reruns) but they're a fun movie experience and something to do in the air conditioning!

So, they got to the movies but he was SO excited to put together one of his Lego kits, they didn't stay for the whole thing. He told her that he'd tell her how it ended! I will say he got that puppy built!

I got some nice, quiet one-on-one time with Ben. IT was neat.... it was the first time I heard him do anything that even resembled a giggle. It wasn't a full blown giggle just one ... GIG. LOL. Just one sound with one breath. Still, it was cute and I adore him!

I thought it'd be great to take a nap since I had some time to kill... phone call.... phone call... phone call.... door bell....dogs barking... FORGET IT! What a joke!

So, I went to pick up Josh. He, of course, had a great day at College for Kids. From there we went to Mimi's and picked up Drew. He met me at the door with all his little Lego creations made. He was so proud of himself!

We came home to what? MORE LEGO BUILDING!

That afternoon, I had started some chicken and BBQ sauce in the crock pot and let me tell you -- what a way to make your entire house smell edible! If that Willie Wonka Chocolate Factory was anything like this -- those oompa loompas would have eaten the whole darn thing! I mean, there's only so much sugar you can take but BBQ chicken? It smelled so go, you'd have slapped your momma!

Andy took the boys swimming at the community pool up the street. It's so nice knowing that Drew can swim now. What a relief.

And then I start my routine, that I do every night.... Ben gets a bath generally about 8:30-9:00 p.m. I always heard they don't need a bath every day but... I can't imagine how sticky you'd feel if you didn't get one! Besides, he's got a healthy case of cradle cap right now and that's how I wash the oil out of his hair that I've been soaking it with. So far, it's worked magic. He smells like a little Italian! (olive oil! ha ha!)

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