Thursday, July 15, 2010

We're being INVADED

I got up to have breakfast with Josh this morning before taking him to College For Kids... my KITCHEN TABLE is CRAWLING with BLACK ANTS!

I took a wet paper towel and wiped them down... it was SO GROSS! Then I took him to school. When I got back about 10 of 8, Andy was at the table eating breakfast... I asked him if he had to clean the ants off. He said, "No," but when he looked, the table, once again, was crawling with ants.

The table was wiped off after dinner so I have no idea what they were doing. Josh and I had actually got down on all fours and were looking to see where they were coming from. We found NOTHING? Seriously, it's like these guys are little Mission Impossible stealthy guys dropping out of the ceiling.

I do NOT want to spray POISON on my kitchen table. But, with all the rain we had the last couple of weeks, it's quite typical for them to move somewhere tolerable (i.e., people's homes). Now, it's a matter of evicting the little suckers.


chksngr said...

50/50 vinegar and water spray allowed to dry on the table can work, so can 50/50 mix of windex and ivory soap - depends on how well your table will take that. Mine would be ok, but its sealed on the top. They don't like "chinese chalk" or scented baby powder (talc) but you have to know where they are coming in to use the method. You can also try Shacklee's Basic H if you can get your hands on it or Simple Green they are a lot alike and non-toxic if allowed to dry. And most bugs hate bay leaves...I used to put them in my cupboards to keep out roaches and ants when I lived in CA. I've heard they also hate mint and cinnamon but have yet to try either one of those...

brandt! said...

it's one thing i don't miss about Texas .. ants and crawley spiders .. Maine is cold enough that nothing survives ... well almost nothing!!