Friday, July 23, 2010

I got sent to the Principal's office!

I got a call that the principal wanted to see me regarding Drew's placement. My initial gut reaction was that they were going to try to convince me to move him up to first grade instead of placing him in D-1.

You see, Drew has a late birthday (July). School deadlines are typically September 2 or 6 or something like that. So literally he's 2 months from missing that deadline. I'd like to give him the benefit of being the oldest in his class rather than the youngest in his class. I did it for Josh. I think it's helped him and will only continue to help him as he gets older.

So, that bring us to Drew. He was supposed to attend a class called Developmental First. It's a class that is more than Kindergarten and less than first grade so that it is a challenge for those that are a little beyond K but not quite ready for first or maybe for those of us with kids that have late birthdays... a chance to keep them moving forward.

Apparently the class didn't "make." They want a minimum of 14 and they only had 10. So they're canceling the class. So now I have to figure out what to do. There IS another private school that offers a class called "pre-first" which I think would be great for Drew but it's about another $2K a year (total) for both boys. Also, I don't know if Fort Worth Christian will give us our $800 registration fees back. I can't see that they wouldn't do that for me because it's obvious that I can't have two boys in two schools on opposite sides of town that start at the exact same time... I"m not going to do that to myself. No way. While FWC is a little bigger, I am going to see about touring this other campus -- it's a college prep school -- not just a private school.

I am just going to have to pray about it and see what comes of it. I'm really beyond irritated about this whole thing. I can't believe they won't just have the class for 10! They'd be pulling over $70K for those 10 kids for the school and I'm sure the teacher's salary wasn't that much so they'd still be making money? Josh was so excited about the thought of going back and now he is in limbo too. Lots of decisions to be made...

FWC starts on 8/17
this other school starts 8/10

We have to get our ducks in a row IMMEDIATELY! :(

And I have already bought all their freakin school supplies... do you know how much I don't want to do that again?! Seriously... what a pain in the butt. :(


chksngr said...

I'm holding Jay back too...he'll be the oldest in his class, tho his birthday is technically after cutoff...he will be turning the "next" age just weeks after the start of each semester...and I'm so glad of it. We live in the Bible belt, so my kids going to public school until about Jr. High doesn't bother me so far...and his school is small and very well staffed...the people 'round this town don't take any crap from the school district. So, we are going to do the same as you...hold Jay back...he will be SO much better off...we are still considering how we will do enrichment to keep him moving forward. I'll be praying for you to have a good outcome!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Girl still don't know how you pay that much, I'm dying with what I pay and it's like 1/2 ugh! But it's so worth having them in the Christian school.

Sorry you have to figure something out :(