Friday, July 9, 2010

Cub Scout Times...

Since kind of taking a hiatus as Cubmaster for our Pack due to the birth of my little boy Ben, I have done the summer event planning. Basically, I plan two events per month for everyone in the Pack to attend and hope that enough participate to keep Scouting a year-round activity (as it is intended) and to help our Pack obtain the Summertime Achievement Award from National.

One of the events I planned was a skating outing at a rink in Grapevine called Skate Town. Ben wasn't 100% becuase he had a rough night which means I was tired. Drew was getting over pink eye. Those three things together meant that I really, really, reallllllly didn't want to go. However, I didn't want Josh to miss out. Thankfully, I was able to secure him a ride with his friend CJ. Stefanie, CJ's mom, swooped in and saved the day for me!

They got back about 3:30 and upon their return, Josh asked if he could spend the night. I said yes (of course!) They were off.

I did remind him that he had to be home fairly early on Saturday, because I had to get things ready for Drew's birthday party. Other than that, it was a quiet cake making, house cleaning day.

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Frugal Vicki said...

Aren't friends the best? Always saving us!