Saturday, July 3, 2010

A new "do"

Hair is a subject of some angst for many parents. They want their children perfectly coiffed. They want their little boys having perfect "do's" with spikes and gelled front bangs. They style their children's hair for them into faux hawks and all kinds of craziness. While I think it's cute, I don't have time for that (for the most part). My boys are ... well... BOYS! They don't want their hair "done" for them. They want to wet it (to remove the bedhead), brush it and go on their way. I HAVE styled Josh's a few times at his request...and it looks good but for the most part, it's hair. I could care less. I realize there will be LOTS to argue about and to stand my ground about as a parent. Hair. It just isn't one of those fronts I care to battle on. It's HAIR!

I could care less if my boys wanted a mohawk or if they wanted to grow it long and wear it in a pony tail. My only caveats -- I need to see your eyes and don't wear it so long you're constantly flicking it sideways like you have some kind of tic.

Josh wanted to get his hair cut before school so I said, "Want to do it yourself?" I gave him the clippers and we went to the back porch. Here's what followed:


The first cut
Making the first cut

The first viewing
See what I did?

I should leave it like this

Almost finished... half hawk.
Half hawk

The finished product

Of course, he had a small audience in the back yard. Andy and Ben...
Ben and Dad... hanging out


Andy, Ben and Drew
Driggers 3

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