Sunday, July 11, 2010

The day I did nothing...

...well, sort of. In an effort to get my entire life in order, I've done several things today.

I updated my PAPER CALENDAR! I know I've spoken several times about my woes with keeping up with a calendaring system. Turns out, I really LIKE being able to SEE and FEEL the paper and the appointments, etc. actually ON paper. I'm going to consider it a back-up to my electronic one in case my computer ever dies. :)

I joined so that I can get on top of all my little jobs, household chores, scheduling and keep it there.

I started recording my recipes I save from the net into MasterCook7 so that I could have a database of MY recipes and also keep those that I wish to try. Thing is, I really like having a book to flip through of recipes too. That's a hard one...but when they're just saved with a tag in iGoogle Reader, it doesn't serve me any purpose. I'm going to try to convert ALL recipes in my recipe box to the electronic format and then just PRINT out a cookbook of my OWN recipes (family favorites) and then I can also print out the others! I'm quite excited. This is a very, VERY daunting task because I.Love.To.Cook! As such, I save a LOT of recipes. However, baby steps. I will get it done.

I'm continuing to purge the house of "stuff" and really think about if things matter or if they're just "stuff." Thing is, it's just going from one place to another because I have to do it in such little chunks of time that there's no way I can coordinate a garage sale right now. Luckily, September, my HOA has one so I think I will have one then. I just can't figure out if $200-$300 is worth my time or if we should just donate it and take the write off. I hate, loathe, despise haggling with people. If you price it too high, they won't even ask. If you price it low so that it WILL sell, they offer less. There's no happy medium.

I also rejoined a group on Yahoo that I really liked it's called CCP Yearly. They also have a CCP Daily but I don't want the stress of doing it so fast! Oh, and the CCP, it stands for Creative Control Panel. It helps you create like a "master binder" of your household. They focus on all different kinds of things from keeping a list of family and emergency contacts for utilities to inventorying your pantry or from preparing a "Places of Interest" list in a binder for family outings. It's awesome.

So, I figure that my day of doing "nothing" really means that I did nothing for anyone ELSE but I DID spend a great deal of time doing things for me. It felt good.

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