Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday and a "picture in time" of the boys

Today I was up for the third time with Ben. I think this little guy is doing the whole... I got you where I want you scenario where you think he's got this sleeping through the night thing down only for him to say, "Not so much." He was up at 1 and at 4 and at 7 and at 10... I stayed up at 7.

I fed him and then took him to the kitchen to figure out what I needed for breakfast. I was hungry. Amazing how nursing a baby can really make you hungry... a lot! I found a new recipe for breakfast that I'd saved to make this week and since I had plenty of time today, I thought "what the heck" and started it. You can find it HERE. It was really good.

While getting things going for breakfast, I noticed the playroom was trashed and the boys didn't pick up what they had been using/playing with/etc. last night before bed so I called them both down at 7am to pick up the playroom. They were NOT happy with me. :) (Isn't that evil that I smile about that?) So, they pick that up. I told them they could go back to sleep. Josh did. Drew stayed up and I warmed him up some homemade, whole-wheat waffles. Routinely, when I make a batch, I make smaller ones that will fit in the toaster so we can just toast them right up when we're ready.

Andy's been a doll thus far today and has really let me have a MUCH NEEDED break from Ben so that I could get the things done that I started... you know, laundry, cleaning, all that fun stuff. :)

Today we're going to my mother-in-law's house and then out to eat with them and Andy's cousin Jeff. We'll be going to Chilis. The most nutritious place on the planet. Seriously, they are one of the most HORRIBLE eating establishments on the planet. If you're not convinced just by knowing that I won't BS you... go to one of my favorite websites, Dottie's Weight Loss Zone for their section on Chili's (they have many nation-wide restaurants on there, seriously, check it out!) It's gut wrenching to think of how fattening everything on that menu is... EVEN THE SALADS! It should be criminal to serve that $hit! For instance, two of their most popular appetizers, the Awesome Blossom and their Boneless Buffalo Wings:

Awesome Blossom (2710 cal/203 g fat/15 g fiber/194 g carbs) 68 (70.5)
Boneless Buffalo Wings (1250 cal/89 g fat/4 g fiber/55 g carbs) 31.5

The numbers at the end are Weight Watcher's Point values. To put it in perspective, as a nursing mom (which requires more calories), I'm given TWENTY SEVEN POINTS A DAY! Can you BELIEVE the calorie, fat and point content from their food?

It's scary the way that we consume! As such, I"m trying to make us healthier alternatives here at home. I made Josh's lunch all last week for his College for Kids. And, like I said, today, we're having homemade granola for a snack. Yum!


Drew -- right now he's into Star Wars like NO BODY's business! He loves to watch Spongebob Squarepants, too. He is a LEGO MANIAC and can spend hours just creating new ships and stuff. It's really awesome. He used to wear pajamas to bed but not too terribly long ago, I told him he could just sleep in his underwear if he wanted to and now that's all he wants to sleep in. He does wear a shirt, however, but that and undies are all he wears. Josh thinks that's just weird. He just got over a bout of pink eye and a cold. Not fun times. I'm working on not being greedy with him. He seems to think because he wants something he should get it and ??? we don't do that so why he expects it is beyond me. I'm very proud of him that he is trying new things at dinnertime and even if he doesn't think he'll like it, he has pleasantly surprised himself a few times lately. His best friends are Evan and Hunter. He loves to swim now.

Josh -- The child can fondle the remote control like nobody's business. I wish he would have a love of books like I did. I wish I wish. He's about 3" from being as tall as I am now at eleven years old. Sigh. Where did my little boy go? He hasn't hit that "growth spurt" where he's eating me out of house and home. He laughs just like his dad (it's quite odd) actually. LOL. I didn't thin a laugh could be genetic. He shaved his own head in the back yard the other day so he's got a buzz now. He still plays guitar and his lessons start back up in August. He's looking forward to school and tonight is going to a Ranger's game with his best friend, Thomas.

Ben -- Ben will be 4 months old next week. He's in size 3-6 month. He loves to be held... has days where he'd rather suck on his fingers than a binkie. I'm praying he keeps his adorable little curls. He sleeps right next to me at night and I love it more than anything! He LOVES bath time and that's the best way to make him smile and relax if he gets cranky in the evenings.


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Alexis AKA MOM said...

What an amazing group of boys you have! You've done such an amazing job raising them!