Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stained for life?

Not so!

As most of you know between my three monkeys lies five years each. So, yes, I have an 11 year old, a 6 year old and one little guy that is working his way to one (next March). So 5 years separates the clothing span.

When I pulled out all of the adorable baby clothes that I'd saved since having Drew, I noticed something. Several of my favorite outfits had developed these huge ugly yellowish stains. They were not there when I put the items in storage so I can only assume they were protein stains brought out by the air in the attic. I was sure that these great items were ruined. I posted to several boards and got many different suggestions.

One of those suggestions was to use OxiClean. Another was to use baking soda and vinegar (?? I wasn't going for the science experiment laundry treatment). Another suggested a Melaluca product but you have to pay a registration fee and place a minimum order (how's THAT for customer service? Yeah, I don't think so. Keep your eco friendly crap then.) If you want to sell products you a) have a product that works and b) advertise (via TV, magazine, word of mouth, etc.) Well, I hadn't ever heard of using baking soda and vinegar for laundry so I wasn't too keen on that idea. The whole minimum purchase and registration fee with Melaluca was a complete turn off. BUT, I'd heard of OxiClean, seen it on TV and (more importantly) could pick it up when I went to the store.

I'd caught up on ALL my laundry so the ONLY items left were the ones that were stained and sitting on the floor waiting for me to treat them. So, when I went to Wal-Mart on Sunday, I picked up some OxiClean powder. I treated the items yesterday. Then I washed them. I just pulled them from the dryer. THEY ARE STAIN FREE!

Yes, after spending FIVE YEARS in a HOT TEXAS ATTIC WITH STAINS... they are STAIN FREE!!!

People, I'm not lying. I really don't trust any advertisements I see on TV. But, I buy into their line. Why? Because IT WORKS! I was sure that I'd lost two of my favorite Baby Gap outfits along with two Ralph Lauren / Polo outfits and an ADORABLE sweatshirt. NO WAY JOSE! They are BEAUTIFUL and STAIN FREE! I wish I'd taken before and after shots.

I'm just ... surprised (as you can tell). And so I wanted to spread the joy. If you need a stain fighter, do yourself a favor and pick up some OxiClean!


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Good to know about the powder. I tried a spray with Oxyclean and it did not remove all of the dirt from hubby's white baseball costume. So much for the power of OxyClean in a convenient squirt bottle.

I'll have to try again with the powder.

brandt! said...

I love oxyclean!!! wash your sink with it ... i always add a scoop to my whites .. so versatile and so cheap!!!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I love it, ok get this I found some at the dollar tree that freaking rocks :) yes I'm cheap ... lol