Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stroll down memory lane

If your sense of smell is most closely linked to your memory, I think that your sense of hearing is a close second.

I found a small tub in the attic the other day. It contains gobs of cassette tapes. Does anyone even REMEMBER what those are? Crazy! I started thumbing through them. It's amazing to see the bizarre assortment of music contained therein.

I have Course of Empire (I'm sure no one has ever heard of them). IT was an amazing rock band... or Human Radio. They sang a song called "Me & Elvis" that I just love. I hate that many of my favorites from my past are NOT AVAILABLE for download on Jerks!

S'Express anyone?

How about Meat Beat Manifesto?

Erasure! Many of their old tracks aren't available!?! Not even for PURCHASE! What a rip!

The Front -- one of my VERY FAVORITE bands of the 90s

Vain -- they sang a song called No Respect that I used to jam out in the car to with Chrsitie!

The Soup Dragons - Divine Thing -- anyone remember that song? Greatness!

Front 242. Yeah, I loved the techno scene too!

Nine Inch Nails... there... Pretty Hate Machine, too, not available for download.

...and another that isn't available for download is Maggie's Dream. Loved their first album.

AND, well, there are NO Def Leppard songs available for download OR purchase. (insert big sad face here)

I found several empty tape holders with no tapes inside... like... Pretty Boy Floyd, Sinead O'Conner, Depeche Mode (love them!), Information Society, Kon Kan, The Timelords (Doctorin' the Tardis -- LOVE that song), Nitzer Ebb (Join in the Chant), Deee-Lite, Arrested Development, Jellybean... sigh. THIS is what reminds me of high school - these songs, this music. Not particular events, just this time in my life. :) I love me some good tunes!


Queen Of 4 Kings said...

Absolutely fabulous! Gosh, I remember so many of those bands. Especially Erasure......classic.

brandt! said...

Am I just not with it? I don't recognize hardly any .. Def Leppard of course .. but some others?? Am I too old??