Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Blogger quandries

I'm in bit of a quandary... so for all you other blog fanatics out there (like me) that love your blogs and utilize the iGoogle reader to follow them -- tell me something, do you subscribe to the blogs OR do you just follow them?

You see, I'm completely ADD and an overly organized person. I want to know how on EARTH do you stay organized with your blogs if you follow rather than subscribe? If you subscribe you can create topical folders in which to file said blogs. If you follow, you're just stuck with this huge list in the "follow" category. I'm understanding that they can then be filed away but they'll still appear in the follow category too... which is better?

Not all blogs HAVE a place for you TO follow... some ONLY allow you to subscribe certain ways.

How DO you juggle it all if you're anal-retentive-obsessively-compulsively-organized? I mean, I'm not asking for ME... it's for a friend ;)


MaryC said...

I use iGoogle with Google reader in the page format. I read what I can each day. Some blogs I follow, home management type blogs for example, I may not have time to read every day. If the title pulls me in, I read it and delete it. If I am busy and the title doesn't score, I delete without reading.
Posts that I want to refer to later, I star as a favorite. I organize those by Home, Art, Products, and Emergency Preparedness.
Talk about anal...

Keli said... don't have to follow them? There's another option?

I wish I had some of your ADD. I am the complete opposite. And I hate it!

I know I didnt help you with your question, but I hope someone does!