Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sad faces...

One mother bird is going to be sad today as her little baby birdy didn't make it through the night. Josh and Drew came to my room this morning at the crack of dawn asking if they could go check on the baby bird. They came back in with very sad faces... the baby bird had died.

I'm positive it was becuase of one of two reasons. 1) When it fell from the tree, it hit a few branches on the way down (it was in the top of a Bradford Pear tree), or 2) it drown in the TONS of heavy rain we got about 3am.

Hard life lessons.


JoeyRes said...

That is sad. My daughter was near tears over a dead butterfly on the side of the road. The loss of a larger animal might be too much.

Keli said...

oh no. i bet the boys were devastated. poor kids :(